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  • "Nikki, I just watch the video and I LOVE IT!! You did an amazing job. I love that you can put different music to it and that you use captions so that we can follow you easily."
    - Marie

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Pick Your Toning, Abs, or Weight-Loss Workout

It's time to get in shape and love the way you look. NikkiFitness offers the best workouts for your exercise goals, helping you trim your body and build muscle. Read below to chose your correct video option - DVD, App or Download from Amazon, CreateSpace, iAmplify, or iTunes! 


The NikkiFitness “Slimnastics” Workoutis an athletic routine that gets you ripped in a radical new way:A yoga-based sun saluting warm-up readies the body but keep your sneakers on- you are going to need them! Slim and tone your legs while melting away fat and cellulite with gymnastic/cheerleading inspired explosive plyometric cardio drills like toe touches, spring squats, jump tucks, and jumping lunge kicks. Alternate the intense cardio intervals with upper body and core-cutting balance moves from gymnastics and yoga with poses like forearm stands, eight angle (astavakrasana), and firefly (titibasana). Finished off in a yoga-based stretch and cool down for the mind and body.

Seasonal Affective Disorder Workout

S.A.D. becomes Sculpt And De-stress Cardio Winter Workout! This 30-minute no-equipment cardio workout fights Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) with a warm vacation beach backdrop, snow-related moves, and a cardio high! Plyometric cardio intervals turn S.A.D to Sculpt and De-Stress. Work arms, abs, legs and glutes while melting fat and losing weight.

Beach Bride- the Destination: Wedding Workout

Nikki became a certified fitness expert to get in shape for her destination wedding, and shot this DVD in Mexico, where she was married five years ago. She is now a columnist, trainer and fitness class instructor in Manhattan. The NikkiBeachBride Destination Wedding Multi-Tasking Workout includes combination upper and lower body moves that also work your core, cardio intervals between sculpting moves that get rid of the fat over the muscles you tone, multi-tasking moves that cut the workout from 60 minutes to 30 minutes, the ability to create your own soundtrack with suggested playlists, screen commands that tell you what's next, Caribbean beach scenery, and quick edits and transitions that keep your attention. Nikki's sister Kim, also a yoga instructor, joins for an extra bonus on the DVD, a 15 minute yoga routine that stretches each muscle group, while soothing wedding stress.

Red Carpet Runway Workout

The only video not offered on DVD, but the first one we did as an App or download - at a special low price!  The Red Carpet Runway Workout targets the six areas that see the spotlight the most: back of the arms for sleeveless dresses, front of the arms for clutching your bag, calves for short skirts, upper back for backless attire, shoulders for halter dresses and abdominals for a tight tummy pose. NikkiFitness uses her signature multitasking toning moves like "Reach for the Stars" and "Martini Shaker" to also lift your chest and tighten your butt, thighs and abs, while cutting workout time in half. The plyometric cardio intervals slim the areas over the newly sculpted muscles. Nikki also provides her posing tips and a quick warm-up and stretch. To get you in the mood for your Red Carpet Party, you have the option to choose a different playlist every time you workout.

Fit Travel Workout

Finally, you can exercise in the comfort of your own home—no gym or equipment necessary! This workout is designed to help you lose weight in time for that family vacation. Best of all, since it's on DVD you can bring it with you wherever you go! Order this 30-minute DVD today for toning and soothing yoga exercises.

Booty Camp

Get an entire body workout while targeting your glutes with each and every move you make! This fitness program is all about using combo moves/multi-tasking moves to target your glutes while still working your whole body through push-ups, ab exercises, and yoga stretches. Chisel the fat away that's over your glute muscles by calling now for your DVD.

Hardcore Abs

Every move targets your abdominals, such as a bicep boat pose. Some moves use weights to increase the workout results. Shot in different locations, including New York, Mexico, Chicago, Florida, and Pennsylvania, this DVD gives your mind a vacation while working your total body and targeting your abs!

Baby Bootie Camp

Soothe baby and slim and sculpt mommy! This 30-minute DVD helps you get back in shape after having a baby. Fussy babies will enjoy the moves that go up and down and side to side, giving you the chance to bond. Pat-a-cake crunches, rocking thighs, and baby bicep curls are just a few moves you and baby will love. The only pieces of equipment you'll need are your sneakers, "bootie," and your baby!

Military Wife Workout™

Nikki has worked with hundreds of military wives who feel they don't have time to do a workout because of a husband being away. You're playing the role of mom and dad, working full time, going to school in the evenings, and caring for the children. Taking care of all of this can leave you stressed, and working out gives you an outlet to help you deal with these in only 30 minutes, 3 to 4 times per week!

Tone up and slim down to the body of your dreams by contacting Nikki now.  Search @NikkiFitness on twitter , Facebook , YouTube or email her  in New York, New York. These are the best workouts to eliminate cellulite and build lean muscle!