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  • "Hi Nikki!! I just purchased your Military Wife Workout DVD. First of all, I love the DVD! I'm an Air Force wife and mother of 3 kids under age 5, and have let myself go a lot. My scales is now reaching 200 lbs, and I'm only 5'2"! Thank you for your time and such a great video!"
    - ChubbyAFW

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New York #1 News

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Power Yoga Vook, introduction

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Baby Booty Camp DVD and Playground Workout on Fox + Friends
July 2011

NikkiFitness Post-natal Workout Baby Booty Camp DVD
Fox News Channel May 2011

NikkiFitness shows office workout moves on Fox and Friends

Red Carpet Runway Workout DVD for Oscar Season
Fox and Friends February 2011

Post-Thankgiving Fit Travel Workout
Fox and Friends November 2010

Beach Booty Camp workouts
Fox and Friends - June 2010

Military Mom Workout for Mother's Day!
Fox and Friends - May 2010

Fitness Tips Multitasking Your Workout with NikkiFitness
New York #1 News - April 2010

Baby Bootie Camp Workout
Fox News Channel Strategy Room - March 2010

Stay motivated to work out in the cold, dark winter!
Fox National Affiliates - Winter 2010

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WABC- Fall 2008

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Fox and Friends - Fall 2008

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Parents TV - Winter 2010

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CNBC - Summer 2007

WSTM Baby Bootie Camp DVD Segment
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Nikki's 2013 Military Spouse Appreciation Day Workout on Fox & Friends

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Nikki on Fox & Friends First: Taking your indoor winter workout outside for spring (2013)

Nikki GIves Fox & Friends Some Beach Booty Camp June 2013

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Workout behind the wheel

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3 Moves To Make That Muffin Top Disappear

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Huggies Moving Moments with Nicole Glor

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Fox and Friends: NikkiFitness's Fit Travel Workout video moves and tips for the candidates Pt.1

Fox and Friends: NikkiFitness's Fit Travel Workout video moves and tips for the candidates Pt.2

NikkiFitness Satellite Media Tour for Celebrity Page/US Affiliates 2018