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  • "This workout is fun and it really works!"

    - Michael Strahan, "LIVE! With Kelly and Michael"
  • "Glor's toning and cardio moves work several muscle groups at once, boosting metabolism and making the sessions more efficient!"

    - The New York Times
  • "You'll never get bored - the changing scenery and different music playlists ALMOST make you forget how hard the workout is!"
    - Pilates Style Magazine
  • "It's the hardest 30 minute workout you'll ever do!"
    - Fox and Friends
  • "With the quick transitions, your daily exercise is over before you know it!"
    - Shape
  • "Nikki's workouts helped me get back to my pre-baby weight and sculpted my arms for the red carpet!"

    - Courtney Friel, Entertainment Reporter for Fox News Channel, and KTTV Los Angeles
  • "As a retired professional football player, my health and quality of life is now even more important.
    Follow Nicole Glor and her new Slimnastics program to help insure your health and quality of life for years to come."

    -Franco Harris, Four Time Super Bowl Winner, NFL Hall of Fame Class of 1990
  • "I don't know what's a bigger motivator when doing Nikki's Slimnastics - the excitement from such a unique workout or just wanting a body like hers!"

    -Frances Rivera, News Anchor, PIX11 Morning News WPIX-TV, Channel 11
  • "Nicole Glor is energetic, enthusiastic, and great at motivating people to work out. Her routines are creative and upbeat."

    - Bonnie Schneider, CNN/HLN on-air personality, Author of EXTREME WEATHER.
  • "When I met Nikki - I couldn't do even one pushup. Now - I'm doing a hundred a day! She has changed the way I work out, the way I eat and has helped me get the best body I've ever had - at 36!"

    - Lauren Petterson, Executive Producer, Fox and Friends
  • "Nikki's workouts helped me get in shape for my wedding. By mixing the cardio and sculpting intervals, my arms never looked so good!"

    - Rebecca Jarvis, National News Anchor, CBS This Morning, Saturday
  • "Your mInd, body and soul all incorporated in Slimnastics, and the best part is you feel like you have a new girlfriend helping you along!"

    - Jenny Johnson, NBC Universal TV Personality
  • "By helping you mix up your fitness routine Nikki actually helps you achieve perfect balance needed for a slimmer you."

    - Kafi Drexel, New York 1 TV Health and FItness Reporter

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