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  • "I just got my video today in the mail and used it for the first time just a little bit ago. It kicked my butt!!! lol Sometimes the video goes a little too fast for me so i have to pause it so I can finish the move before I start your next one. I was definitely getting sweaty and had my heart pumping through most of it. I am soo out of shape! lol I’m going to try and use it like 4 days a week. Since my hubby is currently deployed and we are having a big wedding when he gets back I want to lose weight and look good when he gets back. I’m hoping your DVD will help me reach that goal. Thanks so much for creating this video!"
    - Daniela

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The Slimnastics Stability Ball Workout with NikkiFitness

Big Ball, Little Belly…..


 If you want to really work your entire body while you mind gets a mini vacation, gazing at a Caribbean beach, this is for you.
The Slimnastics Stability Ball workout with NikkiFitness provides a way to challenge your abs while working your arms, legs, chest, glutes and back. The key is instability! A stability ball will put you off balance to add an extra level of core toning to each full-range-of-motion Slimnastics move. With a mat and free weights, you work biceps and abs, triceps with abs, booty with the belly, and so much more. Summer beach bodies are made in the winter, so this is the perfect way to start a resolution and get the beach body you crave, quick.

The APP can be found at iTunes by searching “NikkiFitness”