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  • "I just bought the mww and i love it! I however am the opposite of most military wives in the sense that when my husband is away i have nothign better to do than work out but, as soon as he gets home its +10lbs for sure! This dvd was a challange and its great that you are able to increase the weight with time so, it continues to challenge you! Thank you!"
    - Cassidy

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Hard Core Abs DVD


Do you need to take your abdominal workout to a whole new level?

My new Hard Core Abs workout DVD uses weights and innovative moves to work your abs in a whole new way in just half an hour. The bonus is that the rest of your body gets a workout as well. I selected moves that also use your other muscles to assist you in forming that 6 pack. Your mind gets a mini-vacation too, because the DVD was shot in locations where you would be bearing your abs: a Chicago beach, NYC roof deck, Mexico waterfront, a Tampa lake and a Pennsylvania country pond. You can also choose your own playlist for each day at

Work you arms, legs, chest and back while hitting the abs with every move. For example:

  • Biceps boat
  • Side lank triceps and thighs
  • Plank rows
  • Pushup Planks
  • Boat shoulders
  • V-ups
  • Thread the needle
  • Hip taps
  • Thighmaster bench press crunches

Fitness – fit it in!

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