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  • "I just got my video today in the mail and used it for the first time just a little bit ago. It kicked my butt!!! lol Sometimes the video goes a little too fast for me so i have to pause it so I can finish the move before I start your next one. I was definitely getting sweaty and had my heart pumping through most of it. I am soo out of shape! lol I’m going to try and use it like 4 days a week. Since my hubby is currently deployed and we are having a big wedding when he gets back I want to lose weight and look good when he gets back. I’m hoping your DVD will help me reach that goal. Thanks so much for creating this video!"
    - Daniela

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$19.99 for DVD

Destination Wedding Workout DVD


"Destination weddings create unique pressure to get in shape. There are DVDs designed to give you a beach body, and a wedding body, but nothing to get a beach wedding body! You don’t have time to stand still and do bicep curls when you could be multi-tasking!" - Nikki

Nikki became a certified fitness expert to get in shape for her destination wedding, and shot this DVD in Mexico, where she was married five years ago. She is now a columnist, trainer and fitness class instructor in Manhattan.

The NikkiBeachBride Destination Wedding Multi-Tasking Workout includes:

  • Combination upper and lower body moves that also work your core
  • Cardio intervals between sculpting moves that get rid of the fat over the muscles you tone
  • Multi-tasking moves that cut the workout from 60 minutes to 30 minutes
  • The ability to create your own soundtrack with suggested playlists
  • Screen commands that tell you what's next
  • Caribbean beach scenery from
  • Quick edits and transitions that keep your attention

Nikki's sister Kim, a yoga instructor, joins for an extra bonus on the DVD, a 15 minute yoga routine that stretches each muscle group, while soothing wedding stress.

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