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  • "Nikki - thanks so much for sending the DVD and the columns! Your workout is GREAT! The first time I did it I thought, "Wow! I'm doing the whole thing! I feel so fit!" I was SORE the next day! But it is absolutely effective. Thanks again! Great job!"
    - Ruthie

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Booty Camp DVD - Tone Your Bum, and Then Some!

NikkiFitness BootyCamp DVD features multitasking intervals to tone the body, lift the booty and boost metabolism in just 30 minutes.


Living in New York, Nicole Glor’s personal training clients were pressed for time. Many had different fitness goals but everyone wanted a 6-pack and to look good from behind.

She noticed that they had been taught to work one area at a time: the arms one day, the legs the next, or go to a class to only work abs or the backside. She knew there was a better way, by doing something that many of us do every day: multitasking.

Glor developed a way to fit in an hour-long workout in just 30 minutes – including cardio and muscle sculpting. She made sure each move included a component that would work your backside while toning other muscles and the core all at the same time.

The NikkiFitness Booty Camp DVD is a 30-minute multitasking toning and cardio interval workout that will sculpt your entire body and boost your metabolism while focusing on your glutes (the booty) with every move.

"Why stand still and do bicep curls, then put down your weights to do a new set of moves for your backside when you could do them both together and add in the abs? "Glor asks. "Multitasking cuts your workout time in half so you are more likely to fit in your fitness."

Interval training, interspersing cardiovascular aerobics moves between muscle sets, is known to boost metabolism, so she threw intervals in as well.

That's not all that is different. You won’t see a bunch of women jumping around in a studio to elevator music. The DVD has been shot in multiple scenic outdoor locations to keep exercising the mind. And, in the spirit of iTunes and YouTube where everything is personalized, the NikkiFitness line of DVDs give users the ability to set their own soundtracks every day. You can tone with techno, hop to hip-hop, get ripped to rock, kick it to country, or sweat with the oldies.

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