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  • "Nikki, Thanks for the suggestions. The part that hurt the most were my inner thighs and my butt to be honest. It took three days before it was feeling much better. Ok, keep laughing because I know it is funny. I will try your video modified as you said and see if it helps. I guess this is just one of those times that you realize how out of shape you really are, deal with it and keep doing it so you get into better shape. I will be in touch with my results."
    - Patti

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Baby Bootie Camp

Soothe Baby and Sculpt Mommy!


Nicole Glor of NikkiFitness, thought she had shot her last fitness video after having an emergency "C Section," but her baby had other ideas.

"He would probably prefer a whistle to a pacifier since he is my own little personal trainer."

The only moves that soothed her baby were big lunges and squats, so Nikki added baby biceps curls, patty-cake crunches, more to sculpt and slim 12 mommy muscle groups.

The video was shot in scenic Tulum, Mexico to give your mind a mini-vacation while your body gets a workout. There are also alternate moves for using weights instead of toning with the baby, and the option to chose your own music playlist at

All you need are your booties (sneakers) and the baby!

Fitness - Fit it in.

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