Fit Fitness in with Fido!

Dog obesity is a problem just like it is for humans, so you can work out on both fronts with these fun ideas and enjoy quality time with your best friend. It won’t feel like a workout and you will add some cross training to your week by doing the following play dates with your pet.


Sprints — (Good for dogs of all sizes.) You can throw a dog toy and race other to get it! Good for backyards if you don’t have a running trail nearby. The intervals will help burn far and boost metabolism. You can also combine sprints with the muscle moves below

Endurance — run in a leash. Best with larger dogs who can keep up. Run along an area that has water fountains you can cup your hands in so the dog can drink or bring a collapsible bowl so the dog doesn’t get dehydrated.


Basic intervals — Just get out there several times a day. Work up to 2–3 walks of 20 mins each for an hour of cardio. Good for many size dogs depending in their energy level. For dogs that pull in the leash, work up to endurance runs or sprints above.

Workout Walk — go for an hour straight with your pup and find somewhere with hills. You can walk up forward and uphill backwards to burn different muscles. The dog might not walk backwards but will think you are funny doing it. You might even teach him the trick of walking backwards himself!

Muscle toning/​weight training:

Do lunges with the dog as you walk. Then have him sit while you squat and do calf raises! Aim for 50 lunges and 50 squat raises And teaches obedience.

If you have a small dog, you can have her jump up to bite a stick. You hold either end and do a biceps curl with doggie attached. Lower arms and let dog release grasp. Do 10 at a time.

Another small dog exercise is triceps dips off the sidewalk or a step with doggie in your lap. He will like the elevator ride.


Head to the dog park or playground and run around the equipment. You can even set up your own obstacle course with cones to run around, jump over, and hurdles. Put a treat at the end of the course or give a treat for each completed obstacle


Teach your dog to do down and up dog. Then do planks over him while he is laying down. Do seated stretches with little dog in your lap. You can both lay down and practice happy doggie (happy baby pose) and final relaxation. Just don’t do tree pose so you don’t get mistaken for a potty target!

Fitness — Fit it in! Nikki