Free Slimnastics Yoga Video!


Click here for the Slimnastics Power Pose Free 30 Minute Workout Video

If bad weather has you trapped inside and the gym is closed, or you are stressed while traveling and need a no-equipment workout that also soothes your mind, I have a little gift for you: My new free 30 minute Slimnastics Power Pose Yoga Video!

This video focuses on:
• calming, deep breaths and focusing the mind
• a complete warm-up with cat, cows, chairs, spinal extensions, and energizing sun salutations
• a power pose workout that will boost your booty with warriors
• build upper back and arm strength with 8 angle pose, forearm stand, dolphin, down dogs, handstands, and firefly
• work your chest with chaturangas and double triceps push ups
• work your abs with plank variations and boat poses
• strengthen your lower back with locust
• build balance with standing postures like tree, dancer, big toe hold twist, and heel stretches
• .detox with standing and supine twists
• calm your spirit with savasana

In just 30 minutes your mind will get a vacation while your body gets a workout. You’ll get to watch me lead the poses on a Caribbean beach, and flow through the vinyasa workout or pause the video and hold each poses as long as you’d like. This routine includes many of the challenging poses from my Slimnastics book (Amazon). And it’s free!

Namaste – Nikki