Three Moves, One Complete Muscle Workout — Pt. 1

Over the next month I will provide you with three multitasking muscle exercises that, when combined, work every major muscle group and give you a totally well-​​rounded workout, with only 4 moves to remember and repeat!

Move 1: Six Part Plie Squat (Works glutes, quads, inner thighs, biceps, shoulders and calves)

Start holding two heavy weights with arms straight, in standing position with your legs wider than shoulder-​​width apart. Squat so that your knees are over your ankles and your hips are almost in line with your knees.

On count 1, straighten your legs and as you stand, raise your arms with palms facing in, into a hammerhead biceps curl.

Then on count 2, push the arms overhead into a shoulder press while rising up onto the balls of your feet to work the calves.

Lower weights back to shoulders on count 3.

On the final count of the four-​​count, lower weights back toward the floor by straightening arms and squatting into a plie, where you began. Repeat 15 times.

Complete Muscle Workout

Tune in next week for move #2 to work your triceps, outer thighs and abs.

Week 3 will work your chest, upper back, lower back and, hamstrings and glutes.

Fitness — fit it in! Nikki