Don’t Get Sick While Sculpting

I admit it, two years ago I got what I think was MRSA (bacteria called methicillin-​​resistant staphylococcus aureus, often seen on the news and pronounced like “Mersa”) on my shoulder after using a dirty gym mat or machine.

Ever since then, I have been super careful with using towels on top of my mats, cleaning gym equipment before I use it and showering immediately afterwards. If gym germs gross you out as well, I found a solution. SilverSport towels, hot yoga mats and fitness rollers let you take your mind off of bugs and bacterial and let you focus on your form instead.

Hall of Fame football player Franco Harris and consumer product expert Thomas Davis founded SilverSport with one goal in mind: to make exercise as clean as possible. The two saw a need in the market after hearing the multitude of stories about the prevalence of germs in fitness environments, such as gyms and yoga classes, and even when working out at home.

The grey towels are super-​​soft, made from bamboo are anti-microbial…elminating odor-​​causing bacteria. The black yoga mats might be the thickest I’ve practiced on, making yoga poses comfy on the knees and intense crunch sessions easy on the back.

Earth-​​friendly and manufactured in the USA, Eco Product Group created the SilverSport line — the nanoscale silver additives are registered by the EPA and leverage silver¹s long established antimicrobial properties to release ions that keep your equipment clean during use. Even when you sweat is out in a hot yoga class or drip while pumping iron.

So if you are a germ-​​a-​​phobe like me, use silver to fit in your fitness and keep it clean.


The SilverSport anti-​​microbial line includes:

The SilverSport SilverMat™ Hot Fitness Mat provides total comfort and style – along with a specially textured surface that helps to resist slippage. ($49.99)
Turn your ordinary fitness roller into a massaging experience with the SilverSport SilverShaper™ Massaging Fitness Roller Cover. The textured ‘bumps’ on the SilverShaper help increase circulation and temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite while revitalizing your everyday workout. ($39.99)
The SilverSport Silver Towel™ is made with super soft bamboo, which is three times more absorbent than cotton. (Silver, 20” x 30”: $19.99; Black, 20” x 60”: $34.99)
The SilverSport Silver Prenatal Fit Kit provides the lumbar and abdominal support you need for a well-​​rounded fitness routine during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Includes fitness mat and foam comfort support wedge. ($49.99)