New Video! S.A.D. Becomes Sculpt And De-stress Cardio Winter Workout!

With the frigid temps, people are having a hard time getting their resolution workouts in. My  brand new “Slimnastics Winter Workout” video can help!  It’s meant for resolutions and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD becomes Slim And De-stress!). It was shot on the beach in Mexico but all the cardio plyometric moves are winter sports themed. With my cardio workout and Soothing Yoga Stretch afterwards, participants increase feel-good brain chemicals like serotonin and norepinephine and decrease the stress hormone cortisol. On top of it, the cardio plyometrics create endorphins that take the body from sluggish to energized and happy!

You can see a demo here

Moves include:

-Speed Skater and Figure Skater

-Nordick Track and Ski Jumping Lunges

-Ski Slope Moguls

-Mountain Climbers, standing and planking

-Snowflakes (jack with an X in the air)

-Snowballs (jack tuck)

-Snow angels (burpee variation)

This 30-minute no-equipment cardio workout fights Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) with a warm vacation beach backdrop, snow-related moves, and a cardio high! Plyometric cardio intervals turn S.A.D to Sculpt and De-Stress. Work arms, abs, legs and glutes while melting fat and losing weight.

About the creator: Nicole Glor is the founder and president of NikkiFItness. She is a 35-year-old fitness expert, author of The Slimnastics Workout, and the star of 8 fitness DVDs including Hard Core Abs DVD, Fit Travel Workout DVD, Booty Camp, The Slimnastics DVD, Red Carpet Runway Workout, Military Wife Workout, Baby Bootie Camp, and the Beach Bride Destination Wedding Workout (Amazon).

Nikki’s workouts have been featured in over 100 national media outlets including the New York Times, Live! With Kelly and Michael, Fox & Friends, GMA Health, Shape, Self, Fitness, and Women’s Health. She is also an AFAA certified NYC personal trainer, group fitness instructor at Crunch in Manhattan, and a 200hr RYT YogaFit/Yoga Alliance trained yoga instructor. Her “Slimnastics” workouts focus on multitasking toning and plyomentric cardio intervals (HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training) to cut workout time in half and boost metabolism. Search for “NikkiFitness” on Facebook and Twitter, and get the free newsletters, music playlists, video demos and DVDs at

Free Slimnastics Yoga Video!


Click here for the Slimnastics Power Pose Free 30 Minute Workout Video

If bad weather has you trapped inside and the gym is closed, or you are stressed while traveling and need a no-equipment workout that also soothes your mind, I have a little gift for you: My new free 30 minute Slimnastics Power Pose Yoga Video!

This video focuses on:
• calming, deep breaths and focusing the mind
• a complete warm-up with cat, cows, chairs, spinal extensions, and energizing sun salutations
• a power pose workout that will boost your booty with warriors
• build upper back and arm strength with 8 angle pose, forearm stand, dolphin, down dogs, handstands, and firefly
• work your chest with chaturangas and double triceps push ups
• work your abs with plank variations and boat poses
• strengthen your lower back with locust
• build balance with standing postures like tree, dancer, big toe hold twist, and heel stretches
• .detox with standing and supine twists
• calm your spirit with savasana

In just 30 minutes your mind will get a vacation while your body gets a workout. You’ll get to watch me lead the poses on a Caribbean beach, and flow through the vinyasa workout or pause the video and hold each poses as long as you’d like. This routine includes many of the challenging poses from my Slimnastics book (Amazon). And it’s free!

Namaste – Nikki

Tone Your Core, Expand Your Soul

SUP Yoga is like Nothing Else!

You might have heard or seen Stand Up Paddle-​​boarding, the workout that looks like a combination of surfing and kayaking on the water. You might have tried yoga in all different forms. Combining them makes for an amazing workout, and an unforgettable experience.

I got to try SUP Yoga with Paddle Diva on Long Island’s eastern shores. After paddling, turning, and exhausting the arms and the core for 30 minutes (and getting some sun by the way), we set up our anchors in about 15 feet deep water. The yoga part that came next was the most interesting, fun and exhilarating workout I have ever had.

The difference of doing yoga in the waves on a paddle-​​board vs. a mat is even more intense than the difference between doing ab workouts on the mat vs. on a stability ball. Imagine someone rocking the ball while you try to balance and crunch.… and if you fall off, you get wet and go under in all crazy positions!

I knew it was going to be interesting when our cue for down dog was to “find land behind you with your gaze, don’t look at the board.”

Challenging poses like wheel were actually not as hard as I thought it would be, rocking in the waves upside down and toning the upper back. The most challenging move was holding crescent lunge, usually a basic move! As soon as that was added to our sun salutation, you heard splash, splash, splash, as one class member after another toppled in. I toppled in when doing headstand — a pose I thought was impossible — but only after holding it for about 5 seconds — success!

Not only did I get a great 60 min cardio and toning workout, but your focus in holding the poses and breathing has to be so intense not to all in, that there leaves no room for your mind to drift away from the board.

My favorite part? Just before final relaxation we were doing reclined spinal twist, laying on our backs, with the left leg bent and crossed over to the right to stretch the outer thigh, while our upper bodies twisted in opposition to gaze over our right arms… and I saw swans floating nearby and heard the lapping of the waves on the board while being rocked by the waves, kissed by the sun and cooled by the breeze.

I didn’t think I could love yoga more than I already did. This is paradise for the mind and body.

Try your SUP DOG before summer is over. Google it with your zip code or take a trip east.


Fitness — fit it in this summer.

NikkiFitness, Nicole Glor, is 35-year-old fitness expert on Fox & Friends, and the star of 8 fitness DVDs including Hard Core Abs DVD, Fit Travel Workout DVD, Booty Camp, Red Carpet Runway Workout, Military Wife Workout, Baby Bootie Camp, and the Beach Bride Destination Wedding Workout (Amazon). Nikki’s workouts have been featured in over 100 national media outlets. She is also an AFAA certified NYC personal trainer, group fitness instructor at Crunch in Manhattan, a 200 RYT YogaFit/Yoga Alliance trained yoga instructor, author of the new book “SLIMNASTICS”, a fitness columnist for and a spokesperson for SilverSport antibacterial fitness products. Her “Slimnastics” workouts focus on multitasking toning and cardio intervals to cut workout time in half and boost metabolism. Get her newsletters, music playlists, video demos and DVDs at Search for “NikkiFitness” on Facebook and Twitter!

Kick Your Butt Off

Boost your booty with proper side-​​kick form!

Group fitness classes are most efficient when they can give you cardio and toning moves in one session, which is one of the reasons kickboxing remains so popular. However, the move that can provide the most bang for your booty-​​sculpting buck is the most common mistake made in cardio-​​kickboxing classes. Usually participants do a front kick to the side and call it a side-​​kick.

If done correctly, the side-​​kick will chisel your glutes and outer thighs, if done wrong, it just puts more stress on the hip flexor, a muscle that is already tight from sedentary modern life.

1) Stance: For a left side-​​kick, put your weight on your right leg, with the kneed and toe pointing out to the side at 45 degrees.

2) Chamber: Think of the kick in 4 counts. Count one is hinging at the hip and dropping your right shoulder to the right, kicking the core into action while bending your left leg and bringing the left knee toward your navel.

3) Impact: This is count two. The common mistake is for class participants to kick to the side with their toe pointing to the sky. To correct this, flex the foot and straighten the left leg and impact with your heel diagonally up and toe diagonally down. Think of it like this, if inside a room your heel should aim for the corner where the back wall and the ceiling meet. Your toe should point to where the floor and front wall meet on he other side of the room. Another way to visualize this is that your front hip bone or “front pocket” of your kicking leg should turn down towards the floor and your “back pocket” should be rotated up to the ceiling. Look at your foot with each kick to ensure appropriate form.

4) Retract: For count 3, quickly retract the knee back towards the core and place foot back to the floor for count 4.

Trainer tip: Adjust your target height. If you find it difficult to align your kick properly, instead of aiming for your opponent’s head, aim for their stomach or knee. Master the foot alignment first, then work on the height. Even with a kick aimed at the (imaginary) opponent’s knee, you are challenging your core and backside.

You’ve just mastered the booty-​​kicking side-​​kick.