Quarantine Calm: Latest NikkiFitness Yoga Video Free During Covid 19 on Youtube!


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Stay calm during the quarantine! Nicole Glor of Nikkifitness just released her new Slimnastics Hip Opening Yoga video … and for the first time, she is offering one of her videos for FREE on her YOUTUBE channel! After the quarantine, it will be only available for purchase on the NikkiFitness App. Try it now for mantras, getting the blood flowing, and a moving mediation while stretching your hips, glutes, inner and outer thighs.

Youtube Demo of NikkiFItness New Hip Opener Yoga

Check out her demo video: This 30 minute Nikkifitness Slimnastics workout features over 15 hip opening poses in a power yoga flow on a beach setting so your mind gets a vacation while your body gets a workout. You spirit is instructed to set your intention for each practice and follow the mantras of “let go, go with the flow, be present, be grateful, and be open!”

For the full video, click here, Full Quarantine Calm Video by NikkiFItness and be sure to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE :-)

NAMASTE and stay safe during the corona virus pandemic.

Fitness – fit it in!

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