New Interview on Losing Weight with me on My Fit Station

Another new article is out with my fitness advice about losing weight!



My three best tips for losing weight are:

1. FVW- fruit veggies and water!

Smoothie in the morning, salad for lunch, apples and nuts for snacks, sensible dinner of veggies and fish – go as vegan as you can during the day and lean protein at night with veg. Fiber from this kind of eating will have you very regular (flat belly)

2. Cross-train and two-a-days:

Do cardio and weights and alternate workouts but don’t plan a skip day because they will happen out of your control anyway. My videos are a good quick multitasking HIIT combo. If taking a class/video do the treadmill or run outside first.

Do weights or cardio in the morning and power yoga at night. If you can work out twice without eating twice as much you will lose weight.

3. Portion control and timing

Use small plates, don’t eat 3 hrs before bed, small snacks all day so you are never on empty which is when you make bad food choices.


Fitness, Fit it in! Nikki


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