You lost weight: now how to KEEP it off!

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 1.24.58 PMCongrats! You met your weight loss goal! Now you’re hoping you can keep the weight from coming back! Here are some Slimnastic NikkiFittips on how to avoid weight gain after you’ve already lost weight.
-Weight yourself every day this way if you are over, you’ll be more careful and if you lost, you want to keep that good momentum going!
– drinks lots of water because dehydration sometimes masks it self as hunger
-plan to work out 6 days a week, this way if you miss a day it doesn’t make a huge difference and you still get 5 days in
-if you have to drink alcohol, make it wine spritzers to but calories and drunk eating, or low cal vodka soda or lite beer.
– cook for yourself! Eating out is the number one way to gain weight. Plan fruit and veggie centered meals without a lot of ingredients but use fresh herbs. Make protein lean and not the star or the dish. Eat red meat only once a week.
– snack on apples or nuts (fiber and protein)
– multitask your workouts like in my videos and do HIIT so you burn more in a short amount of time
– cross train and find workouts you love with friends so you will keep at them.
Fitness- fit it in! Nikki

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