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The Fit Travel Workout

30-Minute Fitness DVD Created for Business and Leisure Travlelers to Work Out in Their Rooms


“I traveled from Indiana to China, from Mexico to Chicago, Florida to Venice and back to New York City to make sure you can get a workout when on the road.”

The scenic, on-location shots in the NikkiFitness Fit Travel Workout provide a no-equipment workout for people who don’t want to fight the lines at the hotel gym, or can’t get their grandmother to drive them to a fitness center while visiting for the holidays. Because no equipment is needed, it takes the excuses and the trouble out of staying fit while traveling. All you need is a laptop, DVD player or ipod!

Nikki’s multitasking toning moves work upper, lower body and core muscle groups simultaneously with cardio intervals to get a full workout in half the time, while boosting the metabolism even after the sweat disappears. That means the best workouts for great abs, tight glutes, toned thighs, and chisled arms without any equipment!

Different than traditional fitness DVDs, the Fit Travel Workout will not show a studio full of women doing the same old routine. It’s shot in different scenic locations around the world to exercise your mind as well.

Also, each workout can include new music. In the spirit of YouTube, iPod and thousands of products tailored to individual tastes, one generic soundtrack isn’t forced on participants.

The DVD sends exercisers to for their own playlist suggestions and iTunes NikkiFitness mixes in many different genres.


The Slimnastics Workout

Improve your fitness moves with the Slimnastics Workout! HIIT meets Yoga with a gymnastics twist!

The NikkiFitness “Slimnastics” Workout is an athletic routine that gets you ripped in a radical new way: A yoga-based sun saluting warm-up readies the body but keep your sneakers on- you are going to need them!Slim and tone your legs while melting away fat and cellulite with gymnastic/cheerleading inspired explosive plyometric cardio drills like toe touches, spring squats, jump tucks, and jumping lunge kicks.Alternate the intense cardio intervals with upper body and core-cutting balance moves from gymnastics and yoga with poses like forearm stands, eight angle (astavakrasana), and firefly (titibasana). Finished off in a yoga-based stretch and cool down for the mind and body.


The Military Wife Workout

NikkiFitness Helps Keep Wives in Shape While Husbands Deployed with the Military Wife Workout™

(New York, NY)— When Laura E.’s husband was sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, she was left with a seemingly impossible to-do list. She had to handle all the household chores, pay the bills, take care of her young daughter, complete her graduate degree, and work a full-time job—not to mention worry about her husband at the same time. She felt lonely and exhausted, and didn’t think she had time for anything else, especially exercising. As her stress and to-do list increased, and her fitness level dropped, she reached out to a long-time friend and fitness instructor for a solution.

“Laura and I live far away from each other, so taping a workout was the only way to act as her virtual personal trainer,” explained Nikki, creator of the NikkiFitness Military Wife Workout (MWW). “She asked for a video that would combine all muscle groups and cardio in just half an hour, so I made this DVD for her and all other military wives like her. It’s perfect for anyone whose husband or boyfriend spends a lot of time away from home.”

During the DVD creation, Nicole began a monthly fitness column for, which led to hundreds of emails and phone conversations with other military wives. They all struggle with the issue of staying in shape while their family members are deployed.

The MWW combines cardio intervals with combination upper and lower body moves to get every major muscle group toned within 30 minutes. A warm-up and stretch is included, as well as modifications and challenge adaptations for any fitness level.

Different than traditional fitness DVD, the MWW will not show a studio full of women doing the same old routine. It’s shot in scenic locations around New York City, with quick edits to keep people entertained and visually stimulated.

Also, in the spirit of YouTube and iPod and thousands of products tailored to individual tastes, one generic soundtrack isn’t forced on participants. The DVD sends exercisers to for their own playlist suggestions in many different genres. Each workout can include new music.


How Can I Become a Sports Medicine Nurse?

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 2.37.55 PMSports medicine largely deals with trauma and injuries resulting from an athletic competition or during training. A sports medicine nurse is essentially a nurse practitioner who helps physicians care for sport-related injuries.

Common sports injuries include torn ligaments, dislocations, bone fractures, joint strains, and muscle strains. A sports medicine nurse career can be very rewarding and gives you the opportunity to work in a field you’re truly passionate about. But how can you become a sports medicine nurse?

Education and Training

There is a lot of demand and competition for nurses in the field of sports medicine and you will, therefore, need an advanced nursing degree if you want to be able to compete.

To get a masters in sports nursing or nursing practitioning, you will need a bachelor of science in nursing degree (BSN) for entry. In case you currently do not meet the requirement, then you could get an online nursing degree provided by several well-established universities and institutions.

Experience as an orthopedic nurse practitioner will also be of great help. The Orthopedic Nurses Certification Board offers an Orthopedic Nursing Certification in order to allow nurses to show their knowledge and competence in the sports medicine field.

In the event that you don’t want to pursue a BSN, then you would require a bachelor’s in either exercise physiology, athletic training, or kinesiology to get into the masters in sports nursing program.

After you finish your program and you become licensed, try to work with an orthopedic physician to get experience. Also, try to meet and interact with people in various sports fields in order to get your foot into the sports medicine world.

Examples of Job Opportunities

As a certified sports medicine nurse, there are several job opportunities options available for you to choose from. Here are a few of them.

1. Fitness Centers

There are several fitness centers hiring sports medicine nurses to provide accurate information on exercise, nutrition and stress management to their clients. You will also be able to treat and give accurate advice on various injuries sustained during training.

2. Sports Teams

Several institutions such as schools, hospitals, and companies have sports teams and need a sports medicine nurse to take care of injuries and offer exercise advice. You could also work for professional teams on a contract basis and the pay is usually quite good.

3. Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac rehab nurses help individuals who may have had heart-related issues including heart attack recovery. They are required to teach their patients how to correctly exercise and what types of diet are favorable for them. The main focus is on monitoring the patient’s progress and ensuring a full recovery.


Becoming a sports medicine nurse requires a lot of patience, sacrifice, and commitment. However, it can be a very fulfilling career path with lots of high paying jobs which makes it all worth it. If you feel this is for you, make sure that you get the credentials needed and consider interning in the orthopedics field to get some much needed experience.