Why Anyone Can Start Their Own Fitness Brand

People love real. They love cheering for the underdog, and they love genuine conversation. That is why anyone, no matter how fit you are or what you look like, can start their own fitness brand if they want to. Following a person’s workout and fitness journey from unfit to health star is a great narrative that many people will ascribe to. All you need to be is real, and your content needs to look and feel professional. It needs to look professional not to convey that you put money into documenting your journey – which you don’t – but so that your documentation looks like you put effort into it.

_DKI6272Great content is professional content, and you can make your fitness videos look professional by following these steps:

  1. Film Yourself in a Bright, Open Space

First, you need to choose your studio. This can be at home, but you should do your best to clear out the space. You want people to focus on you, not the dirty laundry you might have in the background. You also want to make sure that your studio area is well-lit, which will help make your videos look professional, and will also make them look great. You can’t do a lot to save footage that is too dark, but you can do a lot with footage that is properly lit.

Tip: You don’t want to be overexposed, either! Find the sweet spot of bright and work from there.

  1. Create a Video Style

Just as any artist can have a specific style, so too do your fitness videos. This means that you use the same editing techniques, theme, and even video intro. If you don’t know how to make a YouTube intro, don’t worry! There are free online tools that will help you create the perfect introduction for your fitness journey in a jiffy. All your videos should look like they are in a series, and that way you can convey your journey in fitness, not in video editing styles.

  1. Be Honest

Getting fit and healthy is hard, and be honest about it. The more open and honest you are, the more others will get from your shared experience. Life isn’t perfect, and it isn’t easy, but getting fit and healthy is a great goal.

  1. Ignore the Haters

You could be the best, most perfect person on the planet, and you’d still get Internet “trolls” who go online solely to make mean comments and to spark online debates. Thankfully, many social sites will allow you to filter comments so ones that include rude language, or even a personally selected set of keywords, will be filtered out. You won’t, however, be able to completely filter out mean comments. Instead, you need to either ignore them or grow a thick skin so that you can filter through genuine criticism and useless hate.

Starting your own fitness journey is a great way to keep yourself on track and to help inspire others to get healthy and happy.

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