No time for a post-workout shower? No problem!

The line at the gym shower is too long.

Or you pushed your outside/at home workout 15 minutes longer than planned cause you felt so strong today.

Or the water got turned off in your home.

Or its really hot and humid out and you feel like you need 5 showers a day.

Whatever the reason, a shower that’s needed can’t always be achieved. Not to stress (sweat)…I found a way to turn this #fitnessfail into a #NikkiFitnessFave  with two new products that allow you to take your shower with you, quickly, without water. And for less than 5 dollars a pack!

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 9.21.39 AM

Get Shower Power in large wipes-


Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 9.24.13 AM

And these Aura Cacia Revive both cloths come in multiple scents, like “calm” and “balance” AND THEY ARE ALL-NATURAL!


Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 7.14.48 AM

Another product that helps you feel and smell clean while working out and freshening up, is a pocket-sizedbiodegradablesingle-use deodorant wipe

Swipe is the newest, innovative product in personal hygiene and MUST-HAVE gym bag essential. The box comes with three wipes infused with a natural tea tree extract that not only provides protection, it also eliminates body odor.  The small and discrete packaging makes Swipe® travel-friendly and ideal beach bags as well. I even keep them in my purse to replace that travel-size deodorant that always crumbles and loses its lid!

Where to get it: as well as Price: $3.99 for pack of three, $6.99 for pack of 10, $14.99 for pack of 25


Fitness – fit it in, even when you don’t have time for a shower!


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