RockMyRun: Music that Motivates, Free Promo Code for March!

This March, you can run to the beat of your own drummer. Literally.

RockMyRun is a fantastic new app that not only blends music to a set workout-paced BPM (beats per minute), it also gives you the option of sensing your own beat – how fast your feet like to run, jump or do cardio in general – and pacing the music to your very own speed! (See below for a free offer!)

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The app, available for iOS and Android devices, provides professionally created, seamless mixes that are designed specifically for exercise. The app then takes in data like steps and heart rate from smartphones and fitness tracking devices to adjust music tempo in real time to improve exercise enthusiasm and performance.

RockMyRun features seamless, high energy mixes created by DJs (125-175+ BPM) that are sortable by genre, artist, latest, bpm, lyrics, and duration. Users are able to choose from a variety of genres including house, rock, pop, hip-hop, 80’s, dubstep, country, Latin house, oldies, drum and bass, 90’s, Christian rock, bmore, classical, reggae, R&B, and season.

I even used this in the NYC fitness classes I teach, and it was great to be able to pick 122-25 BPM for my chisel-type classes, and 135+ for my HIIT cardio plyometric days!

This music adjustment feature, called myBeat™ Body Driven Music utilizes algorithms to read steps per minute, heart rate and more. This information is then processed and adjusted to deliver content (music tempo – BPM) in real time to match, motivate or calm someone at just the right moment. Users are also able to manually change the BPM of the mixes on RockMyRun to help them achieve a personal goal.

myBeat™ is available in three forms: 

1) myBeat™ Manual: Users manually adjust the tempo of any of the mixes and run/walk/cycle/workout in time to the music.

2) myBeat™ Steps: Using data from the iphone accelerometer and pedometer, RockMyRun dynamically adjusts the tempo of the mix to match footstrike. This feature is specially designed for runners and walkers looking to be in sync with the music wave.

3) myBeat™ Heart: Adjusts the tempo of the music to respond to physical exertion as measured by a user’s heart rate using heart rate data transmitted via Bluetooth from any wearable heart rate device. While this feature is great for runners and walkers, it also brings the excitement of personalized, body driven music to users

Scientific studies have proven that music synched to your body can have a powerful and positive effect on people running or working out. This includes increased time to exhaustion, decreased oxygen needs, increased distance covered, and more positive emotions about the workout.

Rock My World recently completed a study with the one of the leading exercise research laboratories in the world, the EPARC lab at the University of California, whose results indicate that the Body Driven Music available exclusively on RockMyRun leads to statistically significant improvements in motivation and mood during exercise.

The basic version of the app is free, so you can chose a pre-selected playlist, genre, and beat and stream your music when you work out.

But,  the special NikkiFitness Fan 1 month promo code- RMRCJ – allows you to try out one month free of the Rockstar (premium) membership. This level gets your own BPM, and the ability to use the full music catalog (hundreds of mixes ranging from 30 minutes to four hours long), as well as continuous play feature allowing users to play their mixes back to back without interruptions or commercials. RockMyRun Rockstar is free of display and audio ads and is normally available in three options:

o Annual: $35.99/year (works out to $2.99/month)

o Quarterly: $12.99 for 3-months (available via online purchase only)

o Monthly: $4.99 per month

So try out my code and Rock to the beat of your own drummer FOR FREE this March! 

Also ONE LUCKY WINNER  will get a code for *1 year* of free Rockstar membership AND a new pair of JLab headphones. All you have to do to qualify to win is follow me on twitter @NikkiFitness and retweet my post about this from 3/3/15!

Fitness – fit it in! Nikki

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