NYC Fitness Expert Goes Boutique Bouncing: Chaise Fitness

NikkiFitness Faves: NYC Boutique Class Review of Chaise Fitness

I work in fitness, and I love it so much, that sampling the city’s hottest boutique classes has become a hobby.

And, different from other bloggers out there who write about taking classes, I am actually certified in group fitness/yoga/personal training, and have been teaching and training for over 15 years. I know what works, what doesn’t, what’s dangerous, and what’s a gimmick.

Ratings- “Boost”: what was great and different/”Sweat”: how tough of a workout/”Safety”: what I don’t love/ “Fun Factor”: was it as much fun as a night out?

1=lowest 10=highest rating (60= perfect 10s)

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Chaise Fitness, Cardio Chair Class (92nd St y, multiple locations) TOTAL 43!  (My second highest rating after Flywheel and one more than Barry’s BootCamp.)

The Look: 7 – Cute front desk and locker area, small rectangle fully-mirrored studio with colored lights (reminded me of a mini Barry’s Boot Camp studio with all the lighting, mirrors and long shape), one chair/chaise per person (think a hybrid Pilates reformer machine) with bands hanging from the ceiling at each station.  Bright, fresh and intimate. One of the smaller boutiques I have been to, but enough room to get the class done and have fun.

The Boost Factor: 9- I think Pilates are too easy, so I loved this class. It’s as if Pilates reformer and HIIT cardio class had a baby! The tubing/bands provide different levels of resistance for arm toning even during the cardio intervals. The instructor used the “chairs” in so many creative ways, from balancing on your arms and pulling your hips to the sky in a pike, to leaning on them for inclined mountain climbers, and stretching on them sideways, each move was a surprise!

The Sweat Factor: 8 – It was a good hour-long workout full of arm, leg, ab toning and cardio. The only thing you don’t work is your biceps. It’s a good amount of pulling town from the ceiling, so your lats get a lot of work, which is new for most group fitness classes. Usually, to work that those “pull-up” muscles, you need a machine or the strength to hang from a bar and do a full pull-up. This could help you work up to that.

The Safety Factor: 7 – The warmup was a little too hard. My quads and triceps killed at first, and that was the most work they did the entire class. They should instruct everyone to warm up with the least resistance on the bands (you only change it by unwrapping or double wrapping around the pole on the ceiling so it isn’t that clear what level you should be at at first, and I had too much resistance from that last person who was at that station). The instructor didn’t stretch the triceps or the calves at the end, which is a mistake, because those areas get a lot of work.

Sore Factor: 4– I was mostly sore in my upper back, a little in the pecs and lats. People who don’t work out every day would likely have sore triceps, shoulders, quads and abs.

Fun Factor: 8 – Fun and hard with great music and ways to increase the resistance with the bands and the chair foot bar. I would recommend this to everyone. They also have other class that focus on more traditional pilates, or more muscle toning without the cardio, so you can mix it up.


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