Coming Soon: The Slimnastics Anti-Aging Walking Workout with NikkiFitness!

The NikkiFitness ® Slimnastics ® Anti-aging Walking Workout is designed to give you a gentle workout that turns back the aging process! Whether you’re starting a workout routine for the first time, are rehabbing from an injury, or just taking care of your body as you get older, this workout is for you!

Slimnastics - Anti-aging Wlaking Workout CoverThis 30-minute, no-equipment-needed fitness video provides a full-body cardio and toning workout while protecting your joints and keeping your heart rate in a comfortable range. It includes:

– A gentle warm-up and introduction to the walking variations

– Modifications to protect the joints and avoid injury

– Optional changes in the marching routine to take you forward, back, side to side and increase agility

-Lunges and squats for additional leg muscle toning, biceps, triceps, shoulders and back choreography to balance out the chiseling factor, and glute moves to tone trouble spots.

-Improve the move: the walking routine incorporates low kicks, V-steps, hamstring curls, running lunges, knee-ups and more, to provide a low-impact cardiovascular workout that increases your endurance while keeping you entertained

-The Caribbean video location gives your mind a vacation while your body gets a workout

The fun routine is just like a walk on the beach with a friend, and the benefits turn back time, help keep you healthy, and keep you coming back for more.

$19.99 DVD, $17.99 Amazon Auto download, $10.00 on NikkiFitness App

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