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#NikkiFitnessNews: Roundup of Fitness Studies this week!




11 Ways to Stop Overeating After Your Workout


If you’re always hungry after you exercise—regardless of whether you ate … But a 2014 Iowa State University study found that not all devices are …



Study: ‘Fat-shaming’ doesn’t help obese people lose weight

FOX31 Denver

But a new study out of the UK says one thing that doesn`t work to help people lose … “I have tried a whole variety of different diets and, again, exercise



Running While Drunk: Hilarious and Odd Study Says It’s Pretty Much the Same as Running Sober


As Evelyn Parr at Australian Catholic University’s School of Exercise Science told Outside Online, “Athletes, if they are actually athletes, would have no …


Drink Soda? Take 12000 Steps

New York Times (blog)

But the risk drops substantially if those people get up and move around, even if they don’t formally exercise, two new studies found. Most of us have …



5 Unexpected Benefits of Exercise


Exercise is often sought out when one wants to get slim or toned, but … One study found that exercisepromoted skill retention for 24 hours after and up …


Apple Watch could fare well, study finds


That’s because the survey found smartwatches were the second-most-desired wearable device behind fitness gadgets, and the Apple Watch will …