NikkiFitness “Back to Shape” Fall Faves

Fall is around the corner, and while kids are going back to school, our barely-clothed beach jogging turns to bundled up runs, indoor gym classes and DVDs indoors again. My newest NikkiFItness Faves include tech gear that bends like a yogi, fitness clothes that look as good as they work, healthy fruit to keep summer sunshine in your veins, and tools to help everything from cracked, calloused feet to sore muscles.



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Product: Athleta – white and silver to keep shining after summer is over.


Benefits: Feel weightless in tissue-weight, breathable Crunch Tank tops. The sheer fabric is great for layering over colorful sports bras, and the non-fitted shape great for hiding those last 5lbs you’ve yet to lose. Speaking of lightweight, save your back with a hot gym bag: slouchy shopper style tote is made from metallic fabric. Carry your change of clothes, and NikkiFitness DVDs, in a NikkiFitness Fave, the city-chic Serevina Carry-all bag by Mo&Co. When the fall breeze cools your outdoor runs, the Fast Track Jacket is the most comfortable seamless base layer ever that puts breathable, wicking performance right against your skin plus unsinkable technology so you can wear it more and wash it less. Finally, go from yoga class to nightlife in the Chaturanga Tights made from Pilayo® fabric that gives a performance advantage for your practice and everything else you do.


Where to find it:


Price: Crunch Tank $34.00/Silver Shimmer Mo&Co bag $60.00/Fast Track Jacket $98.00/ Chatuanga Tights &69.00



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Product: Geluxury Slippers


Benefits: Summer flip-flops are fun, but with fall, I’m recommending some slippers. One of the most embarrassing things that can happen while walking into a yoga class is looking down at your bare feet and noticing that it’s going to take more than lotion to quickly fix your running and plyometric-ravished feet. Pedicures and constant lotion application take time and money. I discovered a product that works while you relax.

Geluxury super-hydrating slippers are an all-natural way to restore moisture with a patent-pending gel formula. They hug your feet when worn while lounging at home or to sleep for an overnight cure for cracked heels. Geluxury leaves skin noticeably smoother, richer and revived. The gel is non-greasy and requires no cleanup after use – the gel lining does all the work! The key to their healing ability is the 7 botanical oils (Avocado, Olive, Jojoba, Grape Seed, Canola, Soybean and Mineral) found in the silky smooth gel lining. The gel will last the life of the product, eliminating the need to purchase moisturizing treatments.

Where to find it:


Price: $49.95




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Product: Octa “Tablet Tails”  Whale Kit and Monkey Kit


Benefits: Fitness DVDs are becoming Apps and Downloads, but how do you make your tablet as perfect for working out as your wall-mounted TV? Octa designs neat and super-flexible accessories for tablets, which allow users to wrap, grip, loop and hang their tablets from just about any surface imaginable. For those who love to take their workout outdoors, get their fitness on at work during lunch breaks, or even work out in the comfort of their own home when the rain, snow and wind whip up, Octa allows fitness gurus to prop their tablet in a position that’s both secure and visible – what a great way to try my NikkiFitness ITunes app with all my videos!


Where to find it:


Price: Whale Kit #39.99/ Monkey Kit $69.99



Pain relief-

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Product: Curamin Pain Remedy


I recently suffered a herniated disc, which gave me the opportunity to sample the next product. I had been taking Aleve and Advil, but worried about their “stomach bleeding” side effects so I tried Curamin. It contains a super-absorption curcumin called BCM-95, known for its ability to balance the body’s natural inflammatory response in published clinical studies to provide consistent and long-lasting effects. So from a serious injury to muscle soreness, this could work for you too.

Where to find it: Find their list of stores and online suppliers at


Price: $39.99


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Product: Arctic Ease Instant Cold Wraps


Benefits: This easy and effective treatment works just about anywhere BUT the back, and easily wraps around elbows, knees and other injury-prone spots. They provide hours of cool relief from pain and swelling without going in the freezer and without the discomfort of ice or the irritation and odor of menthol.


Arctic Ease cold wraps absorb heat energy from the body. The absorbed heat is then removed by evaporation allowing for hours of targeted cold therapy.

Arctic Ease wraps are a two-in-one solution, _that provide cryotherapy and compression. They can be used before during and after exercise for reducing pain and swelling, whether from arthritis, muscle pains, strains, sprains, repetitive motion injuries, or bruises for hours.


Where to find it:


Price: $9.99- $14.99



Workout essential-

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Product: Swipe, a pocket-sized, biodegradable, single-use deodorant wipe

Swipe is the newest, innovative product in personal hygiene and MUST-HAVE gym bag essential. The box comes with three wipes infused with a natural tea tree extract that not only provides protection, it also eliminates body odor.  The small and discrete packaging makes Swipe® travel-friendly and ideal beach bags as well. I even keep them in my purse to replace that travel-size deodorant that always crumbles and loses its lid!

Where to get it: as well as

Price: $3.99 for pack of three, $6.99 for pack of 10, $14.99 for pack of 25



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Product: Arctic Zero (you can’t believe you can eat ice cream)

Benefits: When my husband and four-year-old eat ice cream at night, I no longer feel left out. Arctic Zero is a healthier alternative to ice cream. Each pint is only 150 calories, offering 12g of protein and 8g of fiber. Unbelievable! My favorite flavors are the cookies n cream and orange cream, but there are so many to chose from, you should try them all.  I love the chocolate covered popsicles even better than the pints  – you can’t believe they’re not ice cream!

Where to find it: to order online or use their store location on the site (Whole Foods and many more).

Price: 45.98 for a six-pack online, or buy singles in stores, prices may vary.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.31.33 PM

Product: Zespri Kiwifruit


Benefits: Don’t stop eating your fruit when the weather gets chilly. I recently enjoyed a tasting event with a new twist on the kiwi!  Two flavors of New Zealand-grown Zespri Kiwifruit are arriving in grocery stores now, and will be available through fall.
 Zespri’s traditional, tangy-sweet Green Kiwifruit is a fuzzy brown fruit that packs a tangy punch. The fruits come in both conventional and organic varieties and are beloved for their full-bodied, sweet-and-sour flavor. Zespri has also added a new member to its kiwifruit family: SunGold Kiwifruit, a refreshing blend of tangy and tropical flavors that took 10 years to develop. Kiwifruit are nutritional powerhouses and are a great source of micronutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, potassium and antioxidants. They’re high in fiber, have a low glycemic index, and two fruit have fewer than 100 calories. The website has great healthy recipes (and they also make great cocktails.)


Where to find it:


Price: Varies, see your local grocer.

NikkiFitness Noise: Music Playlist Sept 2014

What I’m working out to and playing in classes lately!


Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 12.05.40 PMFitness – fit it in! Nikki

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