Baby Bootie Camp DVD and Workout Segment on Fox & Friends

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Transcript from today’s show:


It’s Mother’s Day this weekend so I’m bringing some family fitness from my Baby Bootie Camp workout video (Amazon, $19.99 or get the App for 9.99) on Fox & Friends today, Friday, at 7:30am.


We are joined but lots of moms in comfy workout clothes and my son’s favorite workout outfit when we made this routine- Huggies Little Movers diapers. I partnered with then as a baby movement trainer -The newest Little Movers have comfy, dry fit that lasts with double grip strips, and we have a gift for these moms who joined us at the end of the segment. (Stay tuned this Tuesday for a future announcement about my partnership with Huggies!)


I shot the workout with my son who was 4 months at the time, and worked out with him to it until he was a little past walking age. He just got a little too big to do this today with so I’m using ateddy bear instead.


Move 1: The first move is baby squats. Mom gets into a plie to work inner thighs, butt and glutes and baby exercises his legs while jumping with mom.


Move 2: Do this for about 15 reps then transition to biceps, shoulders and chest with baby rockets. Just be careful not to hinge at the hips because we want the back in a safe zone with good posture.


Move 3: Now work obliques with a tick tock sway that provides cuddle time, soothes your baby and sculpts mommy and let’s you hold your little love whole working on love handles. It’s good for the baby to get comfortable with going upside down for when he’s active later on in playtime programs like at MY Gym where they do forward and back rolls on the equipment.


If you do my entire video routine it’s 15 mins throughout the day, so you can work out together instead  of having to wait until she naps to fit in your workout. It works all important muscle groups.


And all the moms here go home with the DVD, a month’s supply of Huggies Little Movers and a gift bag from My Gym.


You can get more information on these programs and items on my twitter, Facebook (@NikkiFitness) or blog at


Have a happy and healthy Mother’s Day!

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