Two Free, Quick, Fit Videos For Average Joes, and Yogis!


I’ve been busy – putting together lots of free and quick (and fun) workout videos for you and your whole family. Click on these free, super-quick workout videos I did for KnowMore.TV for the best exercises to work your triceps, biceps, shoulders, upper back, lower back, pecs, glutes, thighs, low abs, obliques, quads and calves and stretch it all out.

Some muscles get overused, some get ignored. Here’s what to spend more time on, and what to give a rest!

Work This, Not That!:

One of the perks of yoga, among many things, is YOGA BUTT! People use this term to describe how tones your booty can get when doing lots of yoga moves. Here is a sample of those moves from my Slimnastics Book and DVD/Download/App! (click to link to Slimnastics)

Get a Yoga Butt:


Fitness – fit it in 2 ways this week! – Nikki

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