NikkiFitness Faves: Best Spring Products for Warm Workouts

Wireless Headphones   Jabra’s new wireless headphones save you time form having to untangle wires each time you run, you don’t get your hands caught in them while running on the treadmill, and you can turn them on/off and answer phone calls just by pressing your ear. It’s like taking a trip to the future each time you lace up – your shoes that is. I call it free running, and living a workout life without wires. $99.99

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Weehoo <> bike trailer for family fitness and adventures. It’s a safe, lightweight bike trailer that moms/dads can pull – it only weighs 27lbs. The FUN and DIFFERENT part about this trailer is that the child (age 2-9)  gets to decide whether he or she wants to pedal, sit, hang out, eat, nap or whatever. You can attach the lightest race bike on it or the heaviest mountain bike. Developed by an ex-pro-cyclist and it off roads too. $399.00

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Iced Green Tea FAST  Takeya Iced Tea Maker is a first-of-its-kind product that makes it easy to create hand-crafted, healthy and fresh iced tea in minutes with three simple steps. Plus, Takeya offers six proprietary blends of whole leaf teas, including green tea, which is a great pre- or post-workout hydration option. This pitcher brings mom’s iced tea into 2014 – unsweetened for low calories!  $ $24.99-$29.99

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All ElementsWaterproof Bag – The OGIO ( Elements is the ultimate waterproof bag, designed for an active lifestyle. It features a 100% waterproof roll top construction to deliver easy access to valuables and prevent all belongings from wet conditions. It also has a 2-way adjustable sternum strap and airflow back panel. The exterior has a 360 degree reflective screen print for extraordinary visibility. It’s available for $125

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Three pool workout gadgets: Did you know you can do HIIT in the water? Aqua Sphere’s new pool-based, HIIT gear, Aqua-X Gear which includes a power glove and core belt was developed by Olympic medalist Amanda Beard and internationally-recognized fitness expert Mark Grevelding. In addition, Aqua Sphere, Beard and Grevelding created a self-paced, 30-minute routine that alternates between 60-second exercises followed by 60-second periods of active recovery, such as water jogging or walking. It can be adapted to meet the needs of those at varying levels of fitness by increasing or reducing recovery time and adjusting the number of high-intensity cycles.

1)Aqua-X Power Glove The Aqua-X Power Glove features an enhanced glove design which boasts increased surface area, foam padding and buoyancy resistance to target upper-body muscle groups that often get less attention in traditional gravity-based exercise sessions, such as laterals, triceps and rear deltoids. The enhanced features allow for magnified drag resistance and assist upward movement to increase overall strength, reduce the presence or potential of injury and help prevent muscle soreness. $29.95

Aqua X Power Glove

2)Aqua-X Core Belt— This innovative belt provides a superior fit to amplify your pool workout. Meant to be used for deep-water jogging, calisthenics and power drills, the Aqua-X Core Belt helps to maintain vertical alignment meant to engage core muscles, eliminate impact on joints, and increase calories burned during a workout. In addition, the belt allows you to manipulate body position to introduce a whole new frontier of core training with crunches, curl-ups, oblique training and much more. $42.95

Aqua X Belt 2

3) Musically Motivate Anywhere:BOOM’s SWIMMER is a rugged, portable Bluetooth speaker that is extremely lightweight, compact and durable. Featuring a flexible tail-like design, the speaker can be hooked, looped, wrapped or gripped to just about any surface imaginable and additionally, the tail can be swapped out for a suction cup backing to increase usability, and further boast the speaker’s bass output. Wrapped in an ultra-protective silicone skin, SWIMMER can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes, so whether your workout is poolside, beach front or anywhere outdoors, SWIMMER’s waterproof and drop-resistant body ensures it can handle the terrain. ($59.99)Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 3.13.27 PM

Sneakers: The big new shoe is the New Balance (made in America)Fresh Foam 980. The Fresh Foam 980 provides a revolutionary approach to neutral running by combining ultra-plush cushioning with a reduced drop from heel to forefoot to offer a super soft, bouncy ride that protects runners without sacrificing speed. Just recently launched (Feb), $110.00.Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 3.14.26 PM

New spring fit clothes:

New Balance features the lightest, cleanest, most breatheable materials I have ever seen. Feels like working out naked! Under-arm and back mesh let air into the shirts to cool your sweat, and silver technology keeps the Lightning Dry pants clean, odor free. The new Anue line feature built -in sports bras, wild stripes, bright color combinations, super soft fabric, flattering cuts  and a design that can go from work, to lunch, to the gym!Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 3.15.44 PM

Athleta include hot pants – cropped, pattered and loud – and they’re a trend this year. Prices vary. Also tops that slim and keep you looking and feeling cool.

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OGIO’s Golf Apparel were just introduced for the new spring season for golfers to look and feel good. Collections includes polo’s, bottoms and outerwear and are designed to bring some fashion onto the golf course to turn heads. The polos are also constructed with UV protection and anti-microbial material that wicks moisture away for long-term comfort and protection. A few PGA progessionals such as Streelman, Stroud, Baddeley and Kohles wear OGIO apparel.  Prices on apparel varies, but all selections can be found at

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Two Free, Quick, Fit Videos For Average Joes, and Yogis!


I’ve been busy – putting together lots of free and quick (and fun) workout videos for you and your whole family. Click on these free, super-quick workout videos I did for KnowMore.TV for the best exercises to work your triceps, biceps, shoulders, upper back, lower back, pecs, glutes, thighs, low abs, obliques, quads and calves and stretch it all out.

Some muscles get overused, some get ignored. Here’s what to spend more time on, and what to give a rest!

Work This, Not That!:

One of the perks of yoga, among many things, is YOGA BUTT! People use this term to describe how tones your booty can get when doing lots of yoga moves. Here is a sample of those moves from my Slimnastics Book and DVD/Download/App! (click to link to Slimnastics)

Get a Yoga Butt:


Fitness – fit it in 2 ways this week! – Nikki

(P.S.) Catch my Spring NikkiFitness Faves – products to get you beach body ready on Fox & Friends on Friday morning, April 25th!


NikkiFitness Beach Body Ball Workout Video Coming Soon!

Big Ball, Little Belly…..
If you want to really work your entire body while you mind gets a mini vacation, gazing at a Caribbean beach, this is for you.STABILITY BALL WORKOUT pic4
The Slimnastics Stability Ball workout with NikkiFItness provides a way to challenge your abs while working your arms, legs, chest, glutes and back. The key is instability! A stability ball will put you off balance to add an extra level of core toning to each full-range-of-motion Slimnastics move. With a mat and free weights, you work biceps and abs, triceps with abs, booty with the belly, and so much more. STABILITY BALL WORKOUT pic5Summer beach bodies are made in the winter, so this is the perfect way to start a resolution and get the beach body you crave, quick.
See a demo video here! BALL WORKOUT pic6
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