Treadmill Tricks!

Sometimes winter is just too cold to workout outside, so instead of skipping it, sweat in the warmth- inside on the treadmill!

Too boring, you say? I have the antidode: action on the machine. Print out this running map, and follow along. The bonus: changing it up makes the time fly and the calories fly away!

Minutes 1–3 (Warm up) Walk at 1.5 incline and speed of 3.5

Minutes 3–6 (Steady state) Jog at same incline at speed of 6.

Minutes 6–15 (Intervals!) Run one minute at 7.5 fast interval, one minute at 5.5 recovery interval. Repeat four times. Recover on the last minute before going uphill….

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 4.31.31 PM

Minutes 15–21 Toning! (Walking uphill forward(works glutes and calves, backward works quads.) Set uphill incline at 15 (as high as it goes) and speed at 3mph. Walk forward for 2 minutes. THEN….If you are coordinated and feel strong enough to try this (I take no responsibility for tripping) keep the same incline, as high as it goes, and LOWER speed to 2mph. Turn around while steadying yourself on the handles. Walk uphill backwards and pick your feet up high to avoid tripping. It will feel faster than the speed reads so I encourage starting at a low speed and increasing it only if you want more of a challenge). Do this for 2 minutes (or 100 steps, don’t turn your neck around to look at treadmill clock, you culd loe your balance.) Turn back around by holding the handles and repeat faster forward uphill walk and slower backwards uphill walk one more time each.

Minutes 21-23 Keep Incline at 15 (all the way uphill) and do a side step hop. Turn to face the right handrail and step with your left foot out. Hop and bring your right foot close to your left food to land. Quickly step your left foot uphill again. It will look like you are skipping sideways uphill. Do one minute facing the right handle and one minute facing the left handle. (If you skipped walking uphill backwards in the last section, you can do this more times.) This side skip works the inner and outer thighs!

Minutes 23-27 Lower the incline to 1.5 (where you started) and walk with a wide stance – to work the inner thighs – for 2 minutes. Then walk for 2 minutes like a supermodel (!) and cross your feet slightly as you step. This works the outer thighs.

Minutes 27–30 lower speed to 2.5 and cool down. Follow with a stretch of your calves, quads, hamstrings glutes and hip flexors (there is a free 5 minute stretch video at www​.YouTube​.com/​N​i​k​k​i​F​i​t​n​ess).


Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 8.26.36 AM

***Still not tired? Before your stretch, Turn the machine OFF and do the DEAD SLED by holding the front handles and pushing the floor away with your legs! (photo here). You’ll really rev those leg muscles, work the core and get out of breath fast with this interval you can repeat until those muscles are “dead.”***

Do this 30 minute multitasking machine workout twice a week along with my Booty Camp DVD (works arms and abs along with buns and thighs in every single move, available at www​.nikkifitness​.com) on alternate days, and you’ll get cardio, intervals and toning for your summer shape!


Fitness, fit it in! – Nikki

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