Improve the Move: StairMaster Workouts

Love climbing the stairway to a heavenly butt? Want to go from the couch to Kilimanjaro?

Here’s the deal…The StairMaster is a gym gem. When the resolution gym-goers are clogging up the ellipticals and treadmills, don’t fret, you can get a kick booty workout with this instead!! It’s been the toughest machine in the gym for 30 years and now you can try the at-home smaller version- the SM3 now! It’s great for getting in a quiet cardio workout (rather than pounding on the treadmill) if you have a sleeping child or neighbors nearby.

Whether you are just trying it for the firsts time, or have used it before, here are some ways to improve the move while doing a stair climbing workout:

StairMaster dos and don’ts.

See my Fox & Friends Segment here

1. Do intervals (fast and slow) and stay on the cardio for 30 mins or more.

2. Don’t lean on the rails to take weight off your legs. This is bad form, puts you out of allignment, and hunches your shoulders. Jump off the machine and do something else, then get back on when you have recovered for a free minutes.

3. Do intervals even if your legs are not shaking…and hop off every 3-5 minutes to so weights and abs workouts to multitask other body parts. (See my fox segments for suggestions)

4. Don’t do arm weights on the sm3. Not safe. Concentrate on your safe form and not falling off.

5. Do run stairs in your normal life. And do follow @StairMasterSays on twitter for a community of people who love this stairway to a heavenly bod.

The StepMill 3 is priced at $2,999.00 -The machine can be purchased nationwide through StairMaster’s website at or via Gym Source at

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