Transitioning from Winter to Spring Workouts

Warmer weather is here, and if you’ve been hiding inside the gym on machines all winter, here are some ways to get outside without crashing your workout. 


1)Treadmill to Running Outside: When you run keep the incline at 3 on the treadmill to simulate outdoor track where the ground doesn’t automatically move away from your feet. Add hills and inclines to 10 height for about 60 seconds, then back down to 3. If you like doing intervals on your treadmill, you can buy a timer. I like Its smaller than a beeper and made for fitness interval timing.


 2)Spin to Biking: Make sure you do those “hills” in spin class or if you do stationary bike alone, be sure to add hills where you have to stand up on your pedals. Outfit yourself in reflective, warm and breathable clothing. Like to read a magazine or book on the bike? Try MacMillan Audiobooks. They have a “Listen while you work out campaign” where the books like Family Pictures have timed chapter tracks so you can figure out how many calories you burn per chapter! 


3)Fitness DVDs and Gym Classes to Outdoor Obstacle Course – take your workout to a park or playground where you can do push ups, triceps dips and hop up lunges on the seat. Do pull-ups on the playground jungle gym, and use the slide and swing for ab work. Follow me on twitter where I put up a link to a playground workout. You can do jogging intervals between sets. Also check out my video on GMA Health. 


4)Swimming: Grab the SPF for summer and maybe a wet suit for chilly spring days if you are hitting an outdoor pool or pond for laps. Visit for cute bracelets that remind you to take care of the environment while working out in it. The $50 dollar donation gets you a bracelet worn by lots of celebrities on the skiing festival circuit this winter. Perfect spring look in time for Earth Day on April 22! 


5) Clothes – Brighten up and hide imperfections. Outdoor workouts mean more people will see you, so you want to look fashionable. For example the top I have on is from a company called “Skinny Tees” they are super bright, so drivers and other people can see you well for safety, and they also have a shapewear effect to suck you in while you are trying to lose those love handles. 


Fitness – fit it in, and get out this spring!! – Nikki 

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