Office Workout Moves (Sitting is the new smoking)

Ever wonder how bad sitting behind a desk all day is for you? Maybe you used to be in the field and now think that your 30 minutes at the gym is enough to combat 8 hours behind a desk? Studies show that you are better off working out at the office several times a day than sitting and then hitting the gym!

Do my suggested office workout several times a day and you will fight that sitting disease.

– At the top of the hour: do chair squats

– Every bottom of the hour, do desk push-​​ups

– For every bathroom break do triceps chair dips

– Each conference call do biceps curls with a band

– When you arrive for work, leave for lunch breaks, come back from lunch and before you leave at the end of the day, do bent over revere flies with the band for your upper back.

Check out these moves in my segment from Fox & Friends, and even see a bonus move for the booty that you can do any time.

Watch video:

Fitness – fit it in! Nikki

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