Core Exercises for Back and Six Pack

Crunches are not just for bikinis. Men and women, old and young, should strengthen this area to avoid injuries.


I have a stress fracture in my 5th lumbar spine that never healed properly from an injury that occurred during college athletics, so I know how debilitating a back injury can be. You can’t do much without using your back and abs, not even sneeze or laugh.


Military Officer magazine interviewed me for the February issue in an article about the importance of core exercises. They quoted me as advising, “ Strong core muscles act as shock absorbers and substantially reduce the chances of spinal injuries and lower back pain.”


“For example, when you board an airplane, a strong core will help you maneuver your bags without injury. If you slip, a strong core would likely help you to regain your balance and avoid throwing your back out. You can just navigate through life easier and more safely, ” I explained.


Besides the plank, side plank and bridge that they show in the article, I have provided a link here for you to try some core exercises. It is a free 5-minute video clip  from my Hard Core Abs DVD ( .


This workout’s nothing to sneeze at, but if you do, it will be pain-free.


Fitness – fit it in ! Nikki



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