The Blood Type Workout

A Workout Customized for Your Blood Type!

Imagine if your doctor, nutritionist and personal trainer all got together with a plan to help you lose weight and de-​​stress.… this dream come true is a brand new workout system just launched that is a customized for your DNA, and it has never been done before.

The blood type is a powerful genetic fingerprint, and there is a chemical reaction to food you eat, workouts and your blood.

The Blood Type Workout (www​.bloodtypeworkout​.com) has just launched this month. The kit contains a blood type test, stability ball, sand weights, exercise bands, and at least 3 DVDs for each type A, B, AB, O, and advice from doctors and nutritionists, Dr Joseph Christiano and Dina Khadar who wrote the Blood Type Diet.

I had the pleasure of creating an original workout video for one of the types, I did a walking-​​based cardio workout for one of the type AB DVDs. Here is a segment from Fox & Friends showing some of the moves. Segment here!

Below is a brief descriptions of the workouts for each type:

Type O — The most common blood type in the world was also the first, going back to the caveman and hunter — fight and filght.. The basic O is an athlete. O’s have more physical strength, and need exercise to release stress, worries, fears and anxieties. stress goes directly to your muscles. Need explosions of intense physical energy like plyometrics. More than any other blood type, Os rely on physical exercise to maintain physical health and emotional balance.

Type A — Heightened cortisol levels make it harder to recover from stress, derived in history from the first farmers. Need focus and calming effects. Yoga/​Pilates/​/​Tai Chi. Protect the joints. Avoid overtraining aerobics and weight.

Type B – Nomads in history. To maintain the mind/​body balance that is unique to Type B’s, not too aerobically intense, have an element of mental challenge and involve other people. Exercise modalities: low impact aerobics, weight training, martial arts, swimming, cycling and tennis.

Type AB — More modern life created this newest and most rare blood type, result of intermingling rather than environment. Resemble Type O in your tendency to overproduce adrenaline. Yet you also have the additional complexity of Type B’s you suffer the physical consequences of high emotions. Your greatest danger is the tendency to internalize your emotions, especially anger. Exercise modalities appropriate for ABs are: walking based cardio, dance, stretching, hiking, swimming, cycling, golf, tai chi, Yoga.

Fitness — fit it in and work out out right for your type!

Portion Control Products From My Fox & Friends Segments

*Portionware uses our patented graphic system to discreetly describe the size of each bowl.
*Created by a health-conscious grad student with a visual arts degree, Portionware’s color-coded system measures meals so you don’t have to.
*The color wheel containers start at a half-cup size (just right for your most decadent indulgences) and go up to two cups – a sneaky solution for easy portion control loved by the hottest names in health.

*Create your own version of the 100 calories snack packs
*Keep your snacks and your kids’ snacks to small portions – perfect for on the go
*The eco-friendly zippered carriers come in modern patterns so adorable you’ll forget plastic bags ever existed.
*Even better, they’re machine washable so cleaning – and reusing – is easy.

Measure, cook, and strain one serving of pasta. Never again cook more pasta than you need.
*The Healthy Steps Pasta Portion Basket measures one serving of pasta and works with any type of pasta.
*The silicone basket provides a contained cooking space and up to four baskets fit into one pot, great for restaurant style choices right at home.

*Cheese is frequently over used adding extra calories and saturated fats to foods.
*The Healthy Steps Cheese Grater grates & measures one serving at a time to help control portion sizes
*The clear bin captures the cheese and allows you easily view the amount of cheese in the hopper.
*How to use: Fill hopper to 1st line for one serving of cheese. Fill hopper full of cheese for two servings. Lift lid to dispense cheese.

*The Perfect Portions Food Scale + Nutrition Facts is a scale and nutritional calculator in one.
*It is the most intuitive, easy-to-read nutritional scale on the market because it integrates the familiar Nutrition Label.
*Unlike other nutritional scales, the Perfect Portions Scale breaks down the information into % daily value, tracks your daily total, and even allows you to customize the scale by entering your own foods.

1) MEAL MEASURE, $9.88
*To get portion sizes right during mealtimes
*It fits right over your plate; simply fill each opening with the corresponding food group.
*There are openings for vegetables, fruits, starches, and protein.
*Just remove it before serving and no one will even know how stealthily you’re keeping track of portions.

*Nuts are a heart-healthy snack and provide valuable antioxidants. Enjoy the healthful benefits in the proper serving size
*Nut bowl has embossed lines on the side, measuring one or two servings of nuts
*Green, snap-on cap can also be used as a scoop so you can avoid eating out of a larger bag

*The Classic Measure Up Bowl is great for measuring cereals, fruits, soups, chilis, pastas, rice, salads…Anything you eat of a bowl!
*The Classic features 1/2, 1, 1-1/2 and 2 cups premeasured portions on the interior of the bow.
*The Small Measure Up Bowl is perfect for the calorie-dense, high-fat foods that have a smaller serving size. Nuts, granola and ICE CREAM, just to name a few.
*The Small features 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 cup premeasured portions on the interior of the bowl.

*I know what you’re thinking – these Baby Cubes are meant for storing homemade baby food.
*But because they’re 2-ounce containers, they’re perfect for storing small portions of dry snacks like nuts, seeds, or dried fruit.
*They’re lightweight and BPA-free, and the lids are attached so you don’t have to worry about losing them.
*Stash a cube in your desk drawer, purse, or gym bag.

*The Perfect Portions Food Scale + Nutrition Facts is a scale and nutritional calculator in one.
*It is the most intuitive, easy-to-read nutritional scale on the market because it integrates the familiar Nutrition Label.
*Unlike other nutritional scales, the Perfect Portions Scale breaks down the information into % daily value, tracks your daily total, and even allows you to customize the scale by entering your own foods.

Two Moves for Glutes and Abs: Belly and Booty Camp

Only have 10 minutes but want to work your butt and abs? Try these two moves I featured on WCBS in New York City. Repeat them three times for a quick 10 minute workout that even gets your arms and cardio in the mix.

Move 1:

Running lunges — stand on your right leg and lunge the left leg back. Quickly pull the left knee into the chest 20 times. Do another 20 bending your right leg more and getting lower. Do a final 10 as low as you can go. Switch legs and repeat on the other side.Use jogging arms like pictured here to add to the cardio calorie burn.

Move 2:

Hip drop planks — get into a plank on your forearms, with your head, shoulders, hips and heels in one line. Drop your right hip to the floor with a quick tap and then come back to center. Drop the hip on the left and return to start. Repeat 20 times in a controlled motion to work your obliques!

Do two more sets of right running lunges! , left running lunges and hip drop planks.

Fitness — fit it in, in 10!

Two Moves to Pack When You Travel

(Photos courtesy of The New York Times)

The cold winter weather might be keeping you home, away from the gym, or sending you out of town, packing for warmer climates. I was recently reviewed by the New York Times about moves for the busy business traveler, but you can do them anywhere, for any travel reason, or just at home in your living room.

The two they featured are (photo attached):

1) The Incline push-​​up. When feet are higher than the hands, you get a different challenge for those pectorals. Do 5 sets of 20 reps, for 100 a day.

2) The reverse fly with hydrant. This works the upper back (trapezius and rhomboids), which is the opposing muscle group to the pecs, so they are perfect to do together. Don’t have a weight? Fill a hotel iron with water and that will do for 20 or more reps! The move also targets your abs because you are off balance, and your outer thighs as you lift your opposite leg out to the side.

Check out my full 30-​​minute routine featured in a recent New York Times article and learn more about my Fit Travel Workout DVD (Amazon​.com). It was shot around the world so your mind gets a mini-​​vacation while your body gets a workout.

Fitness — fit it in! Nikki

Yoga Poses for a Good Night Sleep

Yoga for sleep

Clean the kitchen, wash face, brush teeth, put on PJs and then focus on your breath. Deep inhale 10 sec, deep exhale 10 secs.

These poses are designed to bring your senses inward and to stretch the areas that are most prone to tension, so your mind and body will feel relaxed.
You can even do these in bed…

First, warm the spine and hit reset, up on all fours in cat/cow pose.

1)Seated heart opener/camel


3)seated bound angle/rocking back massage/reclined bound angle

4)Reclined spinal twist

5)Legs up the wall and return focus on the breath, 10 seconds in and 10 out.

See the poses demonstrated, and why these are the best for a sound sleep, on my TV segment from Fox&Friends First.
NikkiFItness Yoga for Sleep on Fox & Friends FIrst
Fitness, fit it in for sleep.