Attitude Adjustment

I was watching Oprah. I tuned in because she had a show about women’s health. Most of it featured women who have trouble sleeping, have a low sex drive, are depressed, and pop too many prescription pills. They all admit they don’t eat well and don’t exercise enough. “Hello?!,” I yelled from the couch. Why don’t they realize that eating right and exercising are the most important things you do all day?

Many of us need an Attitude Adjustment. Here are 5 ways to do it.

1) Change your priorities. There is a comic strip that I love … it is a doctor asking a patient why he doesn’t exercise. The patient says he doesn’t have a free hour in the day. The doctor asks, “Do you have 24 hours a day to be dead?” If we change our attitude about what we eat and do during the day, the doctor would not have to ask that question.
2) Eat to live, food is a fuel not a reward. We discussed some of these issues in a recent wellness seminar held at my alma matter, Syracuse University. Emme, a plus-​​size supermodel and women’s advocate joined in, and we discussed how to strive to be happy and healthy, instead of just thin. Many people make the mistake of thinking of food as a gift, our one pleasure for the day. In reality, it’s simply a fuel to keep us living, and moving. We are supposed to eat in order to move – and move a lot. Food fights diseases and keeps us strong, if we have a good relationship with it.

3) “Work out because you can!” This was a fitness mantra I came up with when I lost the use of my leg for several months due to a botched C-​​Section. Be thankful you can use your body, that you are not injured or disabled. Instead of moving a lot, we tend to work hard for everyone else and sit at a desk or in the car most of the day, then collapse on the couch. No wonder we are depressed, overweight and sick. We need an attitude adjustment in food and fitness. Working out gives me the sense of satisfaction I crave from that fatty dish or second glass of wine. Being active stops me from yelling at my husband. It works like caffeine to wake me up but makes me sleep like a log. It prevents injuries. Studies show that exercise and eating right can get you off of many medications. People who exercise crave bad food and alcohol less often. They are nicer to be around. Another favorite quote I saw on Facebook once:

4) Don’t procrastinate. You can’t control what happened yesterday or last year, but you can control what you do today. “If you went running when you first thought of it, you’d be done by now!” Get outside, or put on that fitness DVD. Why put your health off until tomorrow, when you might be too sick to do anything at all by then? In the military, you know that life is too precious to waste. The best thing you can do all day is turn off Oprah, put down the soda, and go for a jog on your way to the health food store.

5) Find positive influences. “You are a combination of the 5 people you hang out with the most.” I saw this quote in a NYC bathroom, but it is so true. Surround yourself with people who put an emphasis on happiness, health, love and fitness. You can also find them online through social media, or in fitness magazines. For more diet and exercise tips and information on my Military Wife Workout video, Hard Core Abs, and 6 other DVDs, visit www​.nikkifitness​.com E-​​mail your fitness questions to nikki@​nikkifitness.​com and I will answer some of them in upcoming blog posts and in my e-​​newsletter.

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