Fox and Friends Segment to Fight Football Season Fat


Recently I blogged here about my favorite time of year– football season while the weather is still warm. And as a former Syracuse University cheerleader and football office assistant, I got to see a lot of college practices and pre-​​game warm ups. So in my NYC fitness classes and my Booty Camp DVD (Amazon and Nikkifitness​.com) I created football drills to go with popular football songs to keep you from getting fat this football season!

You can check out my earlier blog for the football music playlists. And here is part of the segment I did on Fox and Friends to show some drills you can do before the game, and suggestions of moves during the game!

Sore Score push-​​up drills – if your team scores 45 points in the game with touchdowns, field goals, PATs and safetys, you end up doing around 200 push-​​ups in one game! When they score 7, do 7 push-​​ups. If they score a field goal after that, do 10 pushups (not just 3). If another touchdown comes, do 17 push-​​ups, another field goal and 20 pushups. A safety? Do 22. Two more touchdowns and you do 29 push-​​ups then 36 push-​​ups. If you team scores a game like this, you end up doing 7+10+17+20+22+29+36=141 push-​​ups!

Add a touchdown dance after each set and crunches on the commercials you have cardio and toning! (And you can do this between beers if you have to.) Then I also have moves like “the Heisman”, knee-​​ups, tire runs, run and drop-​​squat trust, tubing resistance run with reins… so check out the video and try these at home!

Training for a Mud Run!

If the thought of jogging a 5K bores you, there is a new race in town with Military flavor, if you like the taste of mud!

The Merrell National Mud Run Series sponsored by Subaru has recruited fans across the country who don’t mind mixing a little dirt with their sweat.

These 5-​​10K off-​​road courses hit you with “Military-​​style obstacles, commanding cargo climbs, wild water crossings, mud, mud and more mud!”

A personal training client of mine, Lauren (pictured here), decided to do one of these races after we worked together for over a year. She perfected cardio and core training with 4 mile runs, sprinting intervals and hills, crunches, planks, stability ball abdominal work, and roman chair lifts. She build upper-​​body muscles with 100+ push-​​ups a session, pull-​​ups, dead lifts, biceps curls, triceps presses, and combined them with multitasking toning moves like lunges, and squats.

Probably just as important were the Booty Camp plyometric cardio intervals we did. Jumping from high to low in creative, multi-​​plane moves like burpees, mountain climbers, jumping lunges, high-​​knee jump rope, moguls, and floor to ceiling kickboxing drills set her up for taking on the “mountains of hay bales, the mud puddles, ladder walls, slippery mountain, cargo net climb, low crawls, tunnels, and Marine hurdles.”

We even worked on my new favorite move called “Down and Dirty,” which she named, and I will debut in my next blog post (you’ll love it, hits all major muscle groups in on combo plyometric cardio drill without equipment).

“By the time I was half-​​way done, my soaked leggings were dragging me down,” Lauren explained, “but when my new upper body strength pulled me over the slippery mountain when other women were struggling, I knew I could make it, even when I had to dunk my head under mud!”

You’d expect this New York City, high-​​heeled, suit-​​wearing TV executive would only get muddy in a spa treatment. Instead, she opted for a little thrill and fitness, and maybe some dirt in her teeth. She finished 29th out of 195 competitors in her age group of 35–40!

The next two Mud Runs are in Atlanta and Sacramento if you want to get a taste. For more information on Merrell Mud Runs, click here.