Triple Threat: Biceps

I like to work out in threes. Three sets of 15 reps, alternating 3 moves in each set, and combining upper, lower and core muscle (3) groups. Whether or not you can be this ambitious depends on if you are deconditioned and just starting a workout routine, or have a workout addiction and are always looking for a new fix to get you over a plateau. I did these moves and shot the accompanying photos when I was 8 months pregnant, so don’t be afraid to get toning!

Rookies and experts alike should benefit from my series of “Triple Threat” moves I have developed in my fitness DVDs and NYC fitness classes at Crunch. Today’s blog shows 3 different biceps moves. You can do them alone, version one on Monday for several sets, version two repeated in your Wednesday workout and the third on Friday; do versions 1, 2 and 3 in all your muscle workouts this week. You can also combine them with different leg and core moves for true multitaskers. For each move you can also chose to do 20 reps with light weights, 15 reps with mediums, or 8 reps with heavy weights for 3 sets of biceps burning. Keep abs tight, hips tucked under, feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent (unless adding multitasking leg and core moves like lunges, calf lifts, plie squats, etc.)

Here’s your biceps triple threat fix:

Version 1 – lift arms at the same time or one at a time, out to the sides, by holding weights and turning your palms to the ceiling. Anchor elbows into your ribcage and widen hands our towards the side, as opposed to directly in front of you. Lower to your pockets (almost completely straightening elbows but not nyperextending) and lift toward your shoulders for one rep.

Version 2 – hold weights in your hands directly in front of you, palms up, as if you were carrying a tray. Close fingers around weights and lower to your legs and lift towards shoulders.

Version 3 – hold weights and turn your wrists so that your palms face the center line of your body. Lower weights towards your legs by extending the elbow joint and lift towards shoulders by flexing the elbow. Your hand with the weight should look like a hammer.

Again, use these moves alone or with multitaskers and chose one a day repeated in 3 sets, or alternate all 3 in one workout. Don’t forget to work the opposing muscle, the triceps, which will get a triple threat treatment in next week’s blog, followed by the shoulders. Gotta love 3s!

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