Simple Workouts for Expecting Moms

If labor is a marathon, why would you stop training nine months before? There’s no need to stop your workout if you’ve been active up until conception. While pregnancy isn’t the time to start a new or more challenging fitness routine, it can be a time to continue your healthy behavior, even if you must cut back a little.

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and have been lucky enough not to have any extreme problems that kept me from working out. My routine helped boost my mood, feel less like an invalid, and keep my arms, legs, back and chin from doubling. I cut my work outroutine down from multitasking toning and cardio plyometric intervals  to arm and leg toning, and I reduced my weights from 15 lbs to 8 lbs. Additionally, do easier cardio for longer periods of time.
I’ll share with you of my safe pregnancy moves if you’re trying to keep that double chin at bay.
After a warm-up I do one set of each muscle group triceps, biceps, chest, shoulders, and back. You can change the size of weight and number of reps for each set if you crave more variety.
After each set, stretch and go on to the second move for each muscle group. You’ll need sneakers and free weights, as well as pillows to lean back on for the chest flys if you’re past your first trimester. Start by checking with your doctor to see if what work out routines are safe for you during your pregnancy.
Try the following tricep workout to tone your arms (I do them alone with knees slightly bent.):
Tricep Dips
Overhead inside presses
 Shoulders: Front press
Front shoulder raises
Overhead front press
Chest (If you experience carpal tunnel symptoms, replace pushups with more flys or use a bench press at the gym.):
Pushups on incline
Upper Back: One-arm reverse
Lower Back: Alternating arm and leg extensions on all 4s.
Next month I will share with you my legs and cardio baby bump routine for your marathon labor training. Fitness – Fit it in! Nikki

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