Fight Football Season Fat With Game Drills and Stadium Music


It’s my favorite time of year, football season while the weather is still warm. It’s like Christmas in September. As a former Syracuse University cheerleader and football office assistant, I got to see a lot of college practices and pre-​​game warm ups. So in my NYC fitness classes and my Booty Camp DVD (Amazon and Nikkifitness​.com) I created football drills to go with popular football songs to keep you from getting fat this football season!

I will be on Fox & Friends on Saturday showing some moves that you can do during the game and on commercials so that you don’t get fat watching your favorite team, or during your fantasy drafts. Tune in Saturday August 27th from 9-​​10am eastern.

To get you “in the game” here is my suggested football themed fitness music playlist (download from iTunes):

You can also find college fight songs and songs for your favorite NFL team if you search for them.

Tune in on Saturday to see my Sore Score push-​​up drills– if your team scores 45 points in the game with touchdowns, field goals, PATs and safetys, you end up doing around 200 push-​​ups in one game! Then I also have moves like “the heisman”, tire runs, run and dropsquat trust, tubing run with reins… and of course, you burn off those chips, chili dogs and beers by creating your own touchdown dance!

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