Baby Bootie Camp – part 2

Last month, I told you that my baby is my own little personal trainer because the moves that stop his cries big motions like squats and lunges. Even my babysitters know that a sitting session with him is like a trip to the gym.

I get many emails from other new moms asking for workout tips when they can’t fit in a workout because of taking care of the little one. So I created the Baby Bootie Camp workout to soothe baby and slim and sculpt mommy (and daddy!) while soothing the baby. The DVD is available starting June 1! Part one — lunges and squats with the baby– was the topic of my last blog.

Part two explores “Rocking Outer Thigh” and “Glute Kickback Squats” you can do with the baby, or if he/​she is napping or you are just not comfortable with working out with your baby, you can also use free weights to perform the sets.

Rocking Outer Thigh

Start standing up and holding baby with your arms or a secure shoulder carrier like a Baby Bjorn.

Squat and rock your weight to your left leg. Stand up on your left leg and lift your right leg to the right with a flexed foot, noticing the contraction in the right outer thigh. Rock back to the middle and squat low (like sitting back in a chair) and the stand on your right leg and lift the left leg out to the left. Trainer’s Tip: for added stability, hold on to a wall or piece of furniture while performing the move. Perform 20 on both sides for one set. Do 2–3 sets depending on your time and energy.

Glute Kickback Squats

This is the same squat move with the baby but instead of kicking the leg out to the side, instead kick it behind you with a straight knee and flexed foot to contract the glute muscle and tone your backside then squat again and kick the other leg back. Perform 20 repetition of both sides for one set.  Perform 2–3 sets with the rest of the Baby Bootie Camp moves.

I’ll introduce arms and back later in the month. Next time your baby cries… feed, burp, change and sweat!

Fitness – Fit it in!