“Baby Bootie Camp” Workout for New Moms (and Dads) – Part 1

If given the choice, my baby would probably prefer a whistle in his mouth to a pacifier. He is my own 4-month old personal trainer. When he is fussy, he doesn’t like small jiggle moves or swinging back and forth, instead he calms down when I hold him and perform large up and down motions – like lunges and squats!

So I created the Baby Bootie Camp workout to soothe baby and slim and sculpt mommy (and daddy!).

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Here is part one – standing leg workouts with a baby.

1) Inner Thigh Squats

Either holding the baby in front of you, or in a harness like a Baby Bjorn, separate your feet in a wide plie stance, so that your knees are directly over your ankles when you bend them at 90 degrees. Toes point 45 degrees out to the sides, not directly in front of you. Stand to straighten legs for one rep. When my baby cries, this is his go-to move to bring quiet and calm.

2) Lunges

Separate your feet bringing the right in front and left behind, but to ensure good balance holding the baby, separate the feet so that they are not standing on a tightrope, in line, but instead, picture standing on two railroad tracks. You can also hold onto a piece of furniture for added balance. Lower towards the ground so that the front knee lines up directly over the ankle and then rise up to straighten the legs again. Do 15 reps on this side and then switch legs to bring the left in front.

3) Calf lifts

Give your quadriceps a break and stand with feet shoulder width apart. Rise up onto the balls of your feet 20 times to work your calves and keep baby happy and moving.

4) Squat and Lunge Combo

Combine move one and two, slowly, by performing one inner thigh plie squat down and up, with toes pointing 45 degrees out. Then left your right heel and pivot on the ball of the foot, turning to face your left and perform one left lunge down and up. Pivot the foot back for another inner thigh plie squat. Lift left heel and pivot on the ball of that foot to turn to your right for a right lunge, then turn back to center. That completes one rep. Perform 10 inner thigh squats, left lunge, inner thigh, right lunges altogether.

Next week we’ll introduce “Rocking Outer Thigh” and “Glute Kickback Squats” and then move onto arms, abs and back later in the month. Better get moving, the baby says GO!

Fitness, Fit it in. Nikki

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