Keeping Fit While You’re on Vacation

This summer you travel to reunions, beaches, and family vacations. Will the burgers and potato salad take the place of your crunches and bicep curls? This fall during Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, will work trips and family gatherings lead you to airport food and fattening cooking instead of the treadmill and fitness smoothies?

On a recent business trip to Boston, I got up at 6 a.m. to only find the hotel gym treadmills full. In Buffalo, N.Y. during a family holiday trip last winter there was too much snow to run outside, and no one wanted to put down the turkey baster long enough to take me to the gym. I had no equipment and no workout videos.

That’s why I created my new Fit Travel Workout. Here are some of my Fit Travel Tips to get you through summer vacations with a beach body:

  1. Yoga paws. These are small and inexpensive little sticky mat gloves for your hands and feet. I keep them in my carry-on so I can do yoga without packing a big mat.
  2. Pack light and organize with packing cubes. They are little cloth and mesh zippered bags to keep you organized
  3. Exercise tubing, takes the place of weights, without taking up space and adding heft to your suitcase
  4. Wear your sneakers on the plane/train or bus to save suitcase room.
  5. Pack one outfit for each day, then one extra nice thing and one extra casual that
  6. Double your pjs as your workout clothes, sleep in, sweat in, then switch.
  7. Double your sports bras and running undees as bathing suits. I recommend Patagonia for pretty patterns, thick fabric and stay-put fit.
  8. Pack some fitness motivation like these columns, blogs, a travel workout DVD or e-mail/Twitter fitness updates.
  9. Plan a workout in early so you don’t mess up anyone’s travel/sightseeing schedules or feel it tapping our shoulder all day.
  10. Pick travel, sight-seeing activities that involves a hike,walking tour, adventure park, such as zip lines, swinging from ropes, rock wall climbing swimming, snorkeling, etc.

And most of all, have a Fit Trip.

Trick or Treat Yourself to Fitness

While taking the kids out for treats this Halloween, I have a treat for you:  Life Shotz.

While I was being interviewed by an author named Sally Shields, for her upcoming health book, “Naturally Thin or Disciplined” she introduced me to an “anti-aging, energy, anti-oxidant protection powder.”

I have never been one for pills, shakes or supplements but I had recently had a baby and had been waking up 4 times a night. I also gave up coffee because it started to burn my stomach. English Breakfast Tea was just not cutting it for me, so I decided to tryLife Shotz. It is a powder you put into a large glass of water to drink with your normal healthy breakfast. The ingredients consist of vitamins and anti-oxidants. I know from all my health studies and certifications how good all of these are for you, and since I have a thyroid condition I had studied B vitamins for energy metabolism and circulation. I checked with my doctor to see if a) I was right that this was a healthy product, not a gimmick; and b) that it was OK to take while nursing the baby. He gave the all clear.

I tried it for a few weeks and I felt better hydrated and energized at 3pm, which is normally my afternoon groggy time after being up much of the night. It fueled me through my fitness DVD shoots, 4 mile runs, instructing my Cardio-Sculpt classes and working with my personal training clients. I love knowing the extra vitamins and antioxidants are being added to my personal-trainer-health-nut diet.

So my treat to you this Halloween is your own free sample. Just go to

If you agree with me, maybe you’ll even chose to give your loved ones the gift of health for the winter holidays!

Wipe Off Your Guilt, Wipe on Inspiration


Guilty about that cupcake you had at the office party?
There’s a towel for that!

“Words to Sweat By” (wordstosweatby​.com) is a company with a message. You’re sweaty and its a good thing! Phrases like “Carpe Dumbells,” and “No Excuses” are some of my favorite messages imprinted on these towels. “Ten more reps and the cupcake is history!” Might just be my favorite. Who hasn’t pushed extra hard because of a little extra snack consumed during the day?

These towels are like a personal trainer you can take with you on the gym floor working the machines, to group fitness class, to work, home and traveling. Drape them over your gym bag at home and they push you to tackle your push-​​ups. They come in cute gift bags and wash well in the laundry. The company also has key chains and reusable snack bags that offer the same reminders. The messages range from double entendre, to sassy and foodie mantras. You can wipe off those cupcake crumbs then wipe your brow as you try to avoid the fat from sticking to your hips.

I arranged a 10% discount when you type the code NIKKIFITNESS, and the first 20 people to purchase 2 or more towels will get a free “Carpe Dumbells” key chain.

If only they had a mantra for doing the laundry after your sweat session!

Put Some Spring in Your Step During Fall Workouts!

Ortholite Insoles

My craving for Chinese dumplings beat my willpower and now I feel like I have a brick in my stomach. (Don’t tell NikkiFitness I was naughty at lunch.) The calendar says today is my running day, and on top of feeling extra heavy from lunch, it’s 88 degrees outside and humid. To make me just a little more uncomfortable, I left my good running sneakers at the gym.

The pair I have here are the cutest sneakers I have ever bought, but I got them online, more for fashion’s sake, and they are for hiking. The the lack of padding hurts my feet when I run. Then I remember the insoles that came in the mail yesterday.

The box reads “OrthoLite Insoles” and they say they the same material built into the best running shoes on the market. Hoping they will get me through my jog in the park, I slip them in and go.

I start moon walking through Central Park. Not Michael Jackson moon-​​walking, but moon walking like the astronauts when they are weightless, bouncing from one step to the next with no effort. The brick in my belly seems to disappear and the humid, soupy air breezes past me as I jog around the reservoir. My feet feel cool, dry, and like they are bouncing on springs. I practically fly through my run.

Thinking that I just got a new favorite pair of running shoes, and they look a lot better than my ugly super-​​stability shoes in my locker, I dig out and re-​​read the insole box:

“OrthoLite, already found in over 100 million pairs of shoes every year, recently expanded their business to consumers with a retail launch on Amazon​.com. OrthoLite insoles are an easy and affordable way to upgrade the quality of your shoes and extend their shelf life, offering enhanced comfort and solutions to many common in-​​shoe problems with long-​​lasting cushioning, high-​​level breathability and wicking, a patented biocide and unrivaled durability. Unique spring-​​back technology ensures that your insole won’t flatten out and it will retain over 95% of its thickness over time.”

So they keep your feet dry, clean, and they won’t flatten out!

What they don’t say is that they are the closest man has come to flying. Only problem I see is that flying might not burn as many calories as running does.


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