Hard Core Abs (and Chest) While Traveling

This is an easy, no-equipment workout move that you can do anywhere to tone your abs, shoulders and chest.

I took this photo while traveling to China during the making of my new Fit Travel Workout (www.fittravelworkout.com to get on the wait list. It comes out in a week). So print this out to use on summer vacation, or just in the office, living room floor, or gym.

The Move: (To modify, find a bench or a hotel bed corner like I am showing here. To make it more challenging, use the floor.)

Do a full push-up with your hips down and alligned with your head and heels. Hands directly under your shoulders. Bring your chest slowly towards the floor between your hands and push back up. Hold at the top of the move in a middle plank. Move your tilt your body to the right while lifting your right hand to the ceiling. Your legs will remain straight and your feel will be staggered, toes pointing to the right. Hold for 5 seconds and return to a middle plank and do another pushup. Repeat on the left. Do a total of 15-20 pushups with side planks between each…. and have a fit trip!

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