Hard Core Abs (and Chest) While Traveling

This is an easy, no-equipment workout move that you can do anywhere to tone your abs, shoulders and chest.

I took this photo while traveling to China during the making of my new Fit Travel Workout (www.fittravelworkout.com to get on the wait list. It comes out in a week). So print this out to use on summer vacation, or just in the office, living room floor, or gym.

The Move: (To modify, find a bench or a hotel bed corner like I am showing here. To make it more challenging, use the floor.)

Do a full push-up with your hips down and alligned with your head and heels. Hands directly under your shoulders. Bring your chest slowly towards the floor between your hands and push back up. Hold at the top of the move in a middle plank. Move your tilt your body to the right while lifting your right hand to the ceiling. Your legs will remain straight and your feel will be staggered, toes pointing to the right. Hold for 5 seconds and return to a middle plank and do another pushup. Repeat on the left. Do a total of 15-20 pushups with side planks between each…. and have a fit trip!

Hard Core Abs: Scissor for Six-Pack

Here is another advanced move for your summer six-pack, this one also targets the external obliques.

Lay on your back with both hands behind your head for support, legs long. Lift both legs off the floor 3 inches. Then raise the right leg to the ceiling and reach your left hand straight up toward your toe. Switch sides and bring your straight left leg up to the sky and reach for your toe with the right hand. Keep looking at the ceiling and do 30 reps.

Trainers tip: for modifications, email me at nikki@nikkifitness.com.
If you want to add this six pack to a set of toned buns, check out my booty camp moves and DVD as well.

Fitness – Fit it in!

Hard. Core.

Everyone loves better-looking abs, and I love core workouts because they are the foundation of a healthy back, which leads to better workout performance whether you are also kickboxing, running, rowing or doing any other functional work.

Here is a move that I do every week, and I recommend it because you can adjust the level of intensity just by adding or increasing the weight. Lay on your back, feet on the floor, knees bent. Cross your left ankle over your right knee. Grab a weight with your left hand.

Put the weight on your right shoulder and continue to hold it in place with your left hand. Keep looking at the sky to lift the chin, and cross your right shoulder (and the weight) up towards your bent left knee. Repeat for 20 reps then switch sides. Do 3 sets for hard core obliques that chisel your waistline.

Trainer’s Tip: be sure to keep your elbow out and away from the body. Do not try to cross the elbow to your knee, think of crossing the shoulder instead. This will make sure you don’t drop the chin and stop you from misaligning neck. I am using 10lbs in this picture but you can chose lighter or heavier depending on your fitness level, and if you are new to working out, do this without a weight at first. Don’t forget to do a lower back exercise as well. Visit my website mailing list for back exercises at www.nikkifitness.com.

Fitness – Fit it in!


Grocery Lists: Shop To Drop

In my last blog I talked about putting some toning in your morning routine while packing lunch. But what about what you put in that lunch? I have found a successful recipe that keeps me full, healthy and slim, just by choosing the right foods at the grocery store and when eating at a restaurant.

I want to share the health so here is my grocery list. (Hint: ordering online stops the unplanned, unhealthy purchases. If going to the store yourself, print this list to take with you and eat beforehand.)

Produce Aisle: Sweet potatoes, lemons, oranges, apples (the perfect portable snack that hydrates, hits the sweet tooth, ads crunch, and fiber, I almost never go a day without an apple) bananas, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, peaches, plums, pears, red grapes, red and yellow bell pepper, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, basil, parsley, carrots, avocado (good fat), oranges (not OJ) leaks, low sodium V8.

Bread and Pasta Aisle: Whole grain English muffins, blueberry whole grain waffles, fiber cereal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pitas.

Calcium: Chocolate soy milk for chocolate cravings, fat free milk, yogurt, if you have to eat cheese choose skim mozzarella.

Protein: Free-range brown eggs, tofu, salmon, tuna, misc. white fish filets, chicken, lentils and beans, almonds, walnuts and sesame seeds.

Other: Honey, black tea, green tea, balsamic, ginger, garlic, red wine in moderation, olive oil in moderation, cinnamon, fat free Italian dressing.

You’ll notice that these foods also show up in healthy eating articles about fighting diseases, increasing energy, helping your complexion, hair health, and a number of other benefits. If you have to miss a workout you won’t ruin your summer beach body plan because the fiber and real natural foods like fruits and veggies will keep your belly flat. Eat small portions and 5-6 meals a day, never skip breakfast but stop eating your last little meal at least 2 hours before bedtime. Shop to drop and the pounds will follow.

Fitness – Fit it in!


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