Incentives to go to the Gym

Sometime the incentives of a longer, thinner, stronger, healthier life are not enought to motivate you to get to the gym or do that workout DVD.

It happens to everyone. Don’t despair – I am here to help.

Print this blog and stick it in your workout clothes drawer, gym bag, or maybe even on the fridge for some other incentives to get your sweat on!

  • Working out helps you perform better at work (most successful CEOs are gym rats)
  • It helps increase your sex drive (increased circulation is one reason)
  • Gives you what I call an “attitude adjustment” (no more yelling at the hubby after a workout!)
  • Takes the stress knots out of your back and shoulders (from a day at the computer)
  • Gives you time to think. (I have gotten the best ideas and sorted out the toughest problems while jogging or lifting weights)
  • It wakes you up and gives you energy (coffee substitute!)
  • Makes you want to eat better and take care of yourself in other ways. (I crave a salad and water after a workout instread of wine and cheese.)
  • Social networking *off* the computer. (You can meet new friends at the gym in the staff, salespeople, class instructors, and other members, or do your favorite workout DVD – like the Military Wife Workout or Booty Camp- with your best friends at home.

So … you can have more fun, wake up, solve your problems and de-stress. It’s all in your power, so take control and put on those sneakers!

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Fitness – Fit it in!


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