Fitness Tips That Will Surprise You!

Eat more and cut workout time in half. Never be totally full and never be totally hungry. When your “tank” is about a quarter full all the time, you will make healthier food choices because you are not starving and craving.

In addition, being more efficient in your workout will take less time and you’ll tone up while at the gym and at rest.

What I mean by this is, people exasperatingly say to me, “you eat all the time.” It is true. Before my morning run or while watching the news I have some whole wheat toast and milk, after my shower a hard boiled egg, on the way to a meeting I am pulling an apple out of my bag, afterwards I am the first to break for lunch to get a large, colorful salad, my afternoon snack includes more milk and some almonds, I have an orange on the way to the gym if teaching after work, and order sushi when I get home.

When I do work out, I combine chest presses with glute and abdominal exercises at the same time. Then a cardio interval. Biceps with abs and outer thighs, come before another cardio minute, which is followed by a toning move for the quads, calves and shoulders. My workout is cut in half because in my classes and DVDs, I do 2-3 moves at the same time. This boosts my metabolism, heart rate and sweat. I waste no time sitting at a machine that only works my triceps.

After all, I have to run to my next meal!

Fitness – Fit it in!


Get to Class!


You have almost made it through the first month of your New Year’s resolution. Don’t get bored and give up! Instead check out a great new gym class or buy a new DVD to do at home! Lets face it, some of us don’t have the option of military trainings to get you in shape and we have to find ways to motivate ourselves.

I teach at Crunch Fitness in New York City, a gym that is known for great classes. They have them all over the country and just redid their website. It is the coolest gym website I have ever seen! They even have video snippets of their classes so you can check out the moves and learn a few too before going. Here is a link to some of the “action sports” classes.

I am even a few of them, instructing “Bosu Bootcamp” and participating in the Powerball video and the Surfboarding. Navigate around the site for a map of locations around the country, and the different kinds of dance, pilates and yoga classes as well. Even if you don’t have a Crunch near you, invest in yourself with another gym membership or a DVD you can use over and over again.

Now get to class and keep the resolutions alive!

Fitness – Fit it in!