A Healthy and Inexpensive Holiday Gift Idea

It will be holiday shopping season before you know it, and this year people need to save money while they shop. I have a gift suggestion that is good for anyone, is healthy, inexpensive, and that people will actually use!

It is a healthy holiday gift basket containing fun items I have tested and researched for their health benefits:

  • Epsom salts for men, aromatherapy bath salts for women
  • All natural Burts Bees products like shampoo, conditioner, sun block, face wash, lip balm or lipstick (My favorite is their Milk and Honey Body Lotion)
  • Dark chocolate covered almonds (both are good for you and together they make a guilt-free treat much better for you than cookies)
  • Fitness Magazine of your choice tailored to man or woman like Men’s Health, Woman’s Health, Shape, Fitness, Prevention, Self, etc.
  • A NikkiFitness DVD!
  • Vodka and club soda or red wine (vodka/soda/lemon is the mixed drink with the least calories – way less  than eggnog – and red wine in moderation is healthy)
  • Almond butter and blackberry jelly
  • Wasabi dried peas (healthy, delicious and great for entertaining)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Green Tea
  • Honey
  • Multivitamins

If you still have cash left over, throw in a yoga matt, exercise tubing, or free weights. Show your loved ones you care about them without wasting your money.

Fitness – Fit it in!


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