Get Fit for Spring

Even though spring is officially here, the cold days can and do still creep in.  I have the following suggestions to get you ready for shorts, sundresses, bikinis and the beach for the warmer months ahead.

1) Do the window shopper’s workout. Walk through the mall at a brisk pace and take the stairs. Do not take your wallet. Just browse. Note some of the new spring styles. You can always go back and buy something in a month when you’re in even better shape. Take along a healthy snack so you’re not tempted by the food court.

2) Start social sweating. Instead of going out for drinks and fried food with friends or work colleagues, try something else. Hit the gym and chat while you’re both on a treadmill, or layer up and go outside. You can brainstorm while you walk.

3) Get on the scale. Studies have shown that if you weigh yourself each day, you will keep your fitness and nutrition goals in mind. Skipping the scale for weeks at a time can lead to problems. You may put on weight and not even know it. A weigh-in a day keeps those pounds away.

4) Try something new. Never took a spin class? Never gone cross-country skiing? Never gone hiking? What are you waiting for? Surprise your body and learn something new.

5) Take a fitness vacation. Visit a friend in Florida, Arizona, California or some other warm weather climate. Swim, snorkel, jog on the beach, join the gym for a day pass, and get the heck out of the cold! Don’t do the buffet or over-indulge at bars and restaurants. Take this mini-vacation for you and your health. Eat fish, salads, whole grains, and fruit, and drink lots of water.

Bikini body moves will be in next month’s Column. Spring sunshine is here.

It Starts Today

Start a Healthy Lifestyle

You have not had a really great workout since your high school sports days and don’t consider yourself as someone who should even be seen walking around a gym, let alone as an athlete. For years other things have taken priority and you’ve found comfort in fatty, sugary and fried foods. Walking from the car to the grocery store puts you out of breath and produces enough sweat to warrant a shower. You are weak, overweight, and unhappy.

That was yesterday.

Today you can change all that. It is in your power to chose any day, any minute, any reason to become a “person who works out.” You can chose to change your identity to someone who always eats healthy, has tons of energy, is a role model for others who envy your drive and athleticism. You look good in everything you try on and crave that workout high more than an ice cream or french fries. You give exercise advice to your friends and family and have new workout buddies from your fitness classes. You wake up early before the rest of the house to do fitness DVDs during the week.

This is who you have become and it starts today. You can change who you are starting with your mind at this very minute. You have the power to decide what you are going to eat at your next meal, and to decide to fit in some fitness today. You have the power to detox your kitchen and get grocery products that will reduce your medical bills in the future.

This is who you are, even if you are the only one who knows it now. Make up your mind now and get back a little bit of that person you might have been in high school. Day by day, choice by choice, others will see who you have become. A healthy powerful person. It only takes one day to change your life. I promise.

Fitness — fit it in.