Quarantine Calm: Latest NikkiFitness Yoga Video Free During Covid 19 on Youtube!


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Stay calm during the quarantine! Nicole Glor of Nikkifitness just released her new Slimnastics Hip Opening Yoga video … and for the first time, she is offering one of her videos for FREE on her YOUTUBE channel! After the quarantine, it will be only available for purchase on the NikkiFitness App. Try it now for mantras, getting the blood flowing, and a moving mediation while stretching your hips, glutes, inner and outer thighs.

Youtube Demo of NikkiFItness New Hip Opener Yoga

Check out her demo video: This 30 minute Nikkifitness Slimnastics workout features over 15 hip opening poses in a power yoga flow on a beach setting so your mind gets a vacation while your body gets a workout. You spirit is instructed to set your intention for each practice and follow the mantras of “let go, go with the flow, be present, be grateful, and be open!”

For the full video, click here, Full Quarantine Calm Video by NikkiFItness and be sure to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE :-)

NAMASTE and stay safe during the corona virus pandemic.

Fitness – fit it in!

Review of Free Merchandise from Born Tough

Hi, guys! This is Nikki, again! I hope you guys are doing well. Today, I’m here with some very good things to share with you. So, my friends at Born Tough sent me some very cool merchandise. And I am going to share my experience with you. No doubt, this company comes with many excellent workout apparel choices for both men and women. I was delighted to receive this package and check out my insights below:

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.49.20 AM

Born Tough Women Limitless Sheer Muscle Tank Top:

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 11.58.34 AM

I absolutely fell in love with this tank top. It is an athletic wear that you cannot ignore. It goes well with the body and comes with great comfort. Moreover, the design of the tank top is modern and goes well with the requirements of the gym as well. The side seams are very comfy. Wearing this lightweight fabric truly made my heart fill up with happiness. Moreover, the dress is quite flexible as well. I would recommend this tank top to everyone. As the name implies, it truly is limitless! Check out this marvel here.


Born Tough Women Contoured Tracked Bottom:

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 11.59.04 AM

So, this bottom became an instant favorite. It comes with Born Tough’s SWIFT fabric which is their signature fabric. And boy, does it get any better? With flexibility and comfort going hand in hand in this cotton and spandex marvel, this fabric is surely the best one to workout with. The dress has a tapered construction and also comes with side pockets. This bottom not only fulfills the needs of a gym suit but also addresses modern fashion needs.


Born Tough Snapback:

This snapback is one of the best out there. It is not only water-resistant but wind-resistant as well. This baby comes with a reflective visor, sweat-wicking, and breathable cooling mesh head panes. The Velcro strap is also adjustable. Even though this one’s a favorite among men, I also fell in love with it. Just look at the offerings for just $14.99. Plus, the logo at the front facing of the snapback is also really imposing. I like to express myself. And this cap goes well with my personality.


The company is also quite confident in their products. This is the sole reason that they provide replacements for a year from the date of purchase. Moreover, the company excels in providing fast deliveries. They ship orders as soon as you place them and deliver them within 48 hours. That is equal to 2 days! Now, how cool is that!?


It is no surprise that this company is one of the leaders in the workout apparel business. My takeaways are very positive. There is always room for improvement but I hear that they invest heavily in R&D as well. Moreover, their SWIFT technology speaks volumes regarding their efforts in this area. With that said, I would urge you to try their products. Who knows, you might also become an admirer just like I have.

Product Review: Born Tough Apparel

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♂️This @borntoughofficial combo of lightweight, soft and durable rose leggings and black comfy and flowy “limitless” top are great travel workout companions! www.borntough.com #nikkifitnessfaves




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20 min No Equipment Workout from my Fit Travel Workout Video!

Set your phone  timer and do moves 1-5 for one minute each, then take a 30 sec rest and water break.  This works the entire body!!!
Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 9.02.09 PM
(Warm up for two minutes by walking, doing overhead shoulder presses, hamstring curls with biceps curls, gentle punch and kick, etc. )
1) Traveling triceps push-​​ups (works chest, triceps, shoulders and abs): Start in a plank position (the top of a push-​​upon your toes and hands wider than shoulder width apart) perform one push-​​up by bringing the chest to the floor and keeping your arms tight so that your elbows hug your ribs. Push back to a plank position while engaging your abs. Take right hand and cross it over the left and then bring left hand out to the left and under your left shoulder, moving your body in a counter clockwise direction. Do a push-​​up here. Cross left hand over right and return to start. Do a push-​​up. Cross left hand over right again and move body toward the right in a clockwise direction. Move right hand out again to a normal push-​​distance and do another push-​​up. Return to start by crossing right hand over left and moving back towards center.

2) Squat, rock and lift (works biceps, glutes, outer thighs and quads): Start in a standing position, feet shoulder width apart. For the first 30 secs squat by shifting weight into the heels and bending knees to 90 degrees. As you return to standing, rock the weight to your left leg and lift your right leg out to the right with a flexed foot. Place right foot back on the ground and squat again, this time shifting weight to the right and lifting the left leg to the left to complete one rep.  You can do biceps curls with no weight at the same time or hold your gym bag as a biceps weight. This hip abduction works the outer thighs and quads. Target the glutes by doing a 30 second set and instead of lifting the leg to the side, lift it behind you between squats.

3) Down dog shin reach (works abs, shoulders, chest): Start in a plank position like in move 1. Tightening your abs, lift your hips to the sky and shift weight back into the toes, keeping heels lifted off the floor. While shifting the weight back, also take your right hand off the floor and reach it toward your left shin for an oblique challenge. Move back into plank and return right hand to the floor. Push weight back toward down dog with hips lifted and weight into the right hand while reaching your left hand towards your right shin. That completes one rep. Perform 15 reps for one set.

4) Airplanes (works upper and lower back, glutes, hamstrings and rear delts): Lay on the floor, face down, with both arms extended away from the body at shoulder level forming the letter “T”. Lift your legs, arms and head off the floor by contracting your glutes, upper and lower back. Hold in the “up” position and move your arms to the front of your body reaching past your head. Return to the “T” position and lower the entire body down for one rep. Do 15 reps for one set.

5) Cardio Intervals: Perform jacks, burpees and simulated jump rope moves for 1 minute in between each set. Keep it interesting by changing the feet to knees up, one leg hops, pogo stick hops, heel taps, etc.

(30 seconds rest)

Repeat these moves 3 times for a 20 minute workout!  (End with a two minute cool down like walking around the gym and then stretching- the warm up and cool down are included in the 20 mins.) I have a free stretch video if you are interested.

Love pasta but hate the carbs?

#weekendwarrior #healthcoach #hack for those who LOVE #PASTA BUT HATE CARBS: this @amazon zucchini spiralizer is less than $10 and works your arms while you use it! #Slimnastics #eatclean  #nutrition #NikkiFitnessfaves #flatbelly #fitspo #goals #dailyhabits #healthyliving #healthylifestyle

Get it!

You lost weight: now how to KEEP it off!

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 1.24.58 PMCongrats! You met your weight loss goal! Now you’re hoping you can keep the weight from coming back! Here are some Slimnastic NikkiFittips on how to avoid weight gain after you’ve already lost weight.
-Weight yourself every day this way if you are over, you’ll be more careful and if you lost, you want to keep that good momentum going!
– drinks lots of water because dehydration sometimes masks it self as hunger
-plan to work out 6 days a week, this way if you miss a day it doesn’t make a huge difference and you still get 5 days in
-if you have to drink alcohol, make it wine spritzers to but calories and drunk eating, or low cal vodka soda or lite beer.
– cook for yourself! Eating out is the number one way to gain weight. Plan fruit and veggie centered meals without a lot of ingredients but use fresh herbs. Make protein lean and not the star or the dish. Eat red meat only once a week.
– snack on apples or nuts (fiber and protein)
– multitask your workouts like in my videos and do HIIT so you burn more in a short amount of time
– cross train and find workouts you love with friends so you will keep at them.
Fitness- fit it in! Nikki

Exercises to loose belly fat!

One of my most common questions people ask is how do I get rid of belly fat through exercise?

Here are three moves to try! put them together in 30 second HIIT, 30 second recovery with a 30 second warm up and cool down for a great 10 minute workout!

These “Slimnastics” are great because you want to do multitasking moves that not only tone the abs but also provide cardio so that you slim away any fat over the muscle.
Picture 43Picture 47
Snow Angel Burpee jacks: Squat, put hands on the ground, jump back into a plank, hop the legs wide and then back in towards each other twice while still in a plank, jump back up to a squat and then jump into the air, do 2 jumping jacks then jump down to the ground again! Do 30 seconds at a time. Then recover with a march or jog in place

Picture 50Picture 48
Next do a jack and jump tuck! Do one jumping jack for momentum, then jump and use your abs to pull your knees up toward the belly button level. Land with a soft bend in the knees and repeat for 30 second intervals. Recover.

Picture 40
Finally, do mountain climber/high knee combo. Place your hands on the floor and jump back into a plank, then pull your right knee in towards the chest and then back to a plank, then the left knee to chest and back to the plank and fast succession for the count of 10. Then jump back into a squat and jump up in the air and bring your knees to a high jog front of you with your hands extended from your bellybutton level so that your knees tap your hands, do this for 10 seconds and repeat three reps.

Also don’t forget to drink a lot of water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, include probiotic Kefir, and limit processed foods. Alcohol is also known to make you bloat in the belly area.  Some people should also figure out if gluten or dairy is affecting belly bloat by using an elimination diet.

Fitness, fit it in! Nikki

Get your new career in shape!

Business advice from a health coach and fitness media expert.

By Nicole Glor, www.nikkifitness.com


The best ideas come to you while you are running.


That’s not just another reason I give to my personal training clients for fitting in their fitness, it’s also great business advice. I bet that a lot of entrepreneurial ideas have come while pounding the pavement – in your sneakers.


Brainstorm your strengths and interests:

My “AHA moment” came just after moving to NYC, while jogging around the reservoir in Central Park. I had had a career in TV News while living in Syracuse, NY, which became a career in TV Public Relations in Boston. All along the way I had been teaching fitness classes after college as a way to keep my Syracuse University cheerleading fitness regimen in shape into my 20s. Then we moved to NYC for my husband’s job in national television and I felt that something was missing in my career.


There I was, a few days after my 30th birthday, after having moved to the best city in the world for media and fitness… and around the 3rd mile, I thought, “How can I combine my TV, PR and fitness careers all into one? What if I started making fitness videos and do PR to sell them? It’s not like I live in the middle of nowhere with no experience…. Actually if not me, who? If not here, where? If not now, when!?”


(Running gives you that power cardio-high where you not only think super creatively also feel like you can take over the world – a great combination for a future entrepreneur!)


Setting up shop – anywhere:

With technology now, it’s even easier to launch a website and do video then when I did it 11 years ago. I launched my fitness video business that hot 2007 July night with the creation of www.nikkifitness.com I started out buying good quality video and wireless microphone equipment, used shooting locations in Central Park and my building’s shared roof deck with city skyline views. Later I also shot on location at my parents beach house in Tulum, Mexico and their country cottage with a pond. When my husband went to Beijing to cover the Olympics, I went and shot video there. Our Italian baby moon? Took the camera. Visiting friends in Florida? Shoot a workout. Chicago wedding? Tape planks on the beach. Photograph a hotel room workout for a blog. Some of your trip expenses can be written off when you mix your travel with work. I ended up even shooting a Fit Travel Workout video that requires no equipment and is shot around the world so that your mind gets a vacation while your body gets a workout. (That earned a spread in the New York Times!)


Figure out how to sell

I figured out from searches online and word of mouth, that self-publishing on Amazon also meant videos, and by setting up and uploading videos to a sister site called Createspace, you could get on Amazon! Immediate credibility and I don’t have to lift a finger to fulfill sales. Years later I switched to Amazon downloads of videos, got my own App from companies reaching out to me, and get paid from being an influencer for wellness brands, a freelance writer, and a streaming fitness class instructor (changing with the times).


Let your skills and life connections lead your business

Listen to your friends and customers… and also where life takes you.

The PR side of me said to start making videos for niches and to listen to what clients and friends asked for. I knew that to sell DVDs (it was 10 years ago) I created 12 videos using multitasking toning moves and cardio HIIT combined, in just 30 minutes so that people didn’t have to keep track of muscle vs. cardio days and didn’t have to talk themselves into a long workout. My Military wife workout? Came about because a friend wanted me to train her virtually because she was a “mil spouse” always moving homes, working, also in night school, acting and mom, dad and handyman at home. No time. It became super popular. This led to a whole vertical market to pitch for PR and many military magazines and radio shows, a military base tour and a blog on military.com. Most importantly, Military Spouse Appreciation day became my first national television segment on Fox and Friends, which would later lead to a regular appearing segment on that morning show, appearances on Fox and Friends First, Shepard Smith, and a new personal training client – the executive producer and year later, the main female anchor and several correspondents!


My own destination wedding became the reason for a Beach Bride workout video, and a whole other niche of magazines and TV segments to pitch, with different times of year to pitch and a new personal training niche. It rides are the second most motivated.


My most popular video came about because my first-born was fussy and didn’t like little jiggles and swaying to calm his cries. He liked lunges, squats and to be gently tossed up in the air like a rocket ship. The moves we did together became my Baby Bootie Camp Workout, which landed me in everything from Fit Pregnancy to the Knot and the Nest, to Live with Kelly and Michael.


Mentoring “Moves” to tone your bottom line:


  • 1 – Start in small markets. There is a reason most TV reporters start in Podunk, Small Town USA. They make their mistakes there and learn from them before moving into the big time. The same goes for many other careers. I taught my first step class in Syracuse… then got better and more certifications in Boston, then I was ready for the big time, teaching packed classes in NYC! Test your product or service out that way as a soft launch or a dress rehearsal.


  • 2 – “Board meetings” and networking. This is what I called hanging out with friends – when they were also entrepreneurs. We would joke that we learned so much from each other and introduced each other to likeminded people who could be our mentors or service providers, that we called our lunches and happy hour gatherings “Board Meetings.” It’s a super productive way to mix business and pleasure! Also, always say yes to networking opportunities early on.


  • 3 – Brainstorm during your workout. When the blood is flowing and muscles are working, so does our brain. Working out promotes creativity. As I mentioned, the best ideas come when you run. It’s like meditating on caffeine. Clarity, energy and confidence can do wonderful things for your business. That’s what you get during a workout. (It also reduces stress, which is helpful for anyone working these days.)


  • 4 – Track your industry. For me this meant Google word searches for things like “exercise study” and the NY Times wellness section alerts where you are emailed articles pertaining to your industry so that you are aware of studies, trends and fads. It also helps to use these to pitch the media if you can comment on them. It also helps to continue getting more certifications – for me it was yoga, nutrition and prenatal- and attending industry events. Early on, I said yes to every appearance and invite, later you can become much more selective and get paid.


  • 5 – Do PR and practice, practice, practice! Get media training (ask me if you need someone to do it) study what other people in your industry say in interviews and how they say it, read and watch the outlets where you want to be featured, start pitching small markets and getting experience and a “reel” or clip book from those, then you are ready to be come a media superstar.


By running through these “moves” and practicing your PR you might just be running a million dollar business and be a mentor to others someday soon. Just mentor them while on a fitness date instead of over coffee.




Nicole Glor is the creator of NikkiFitness exercise videos, the author of The Slimnastics Workout, a health coach, celebrity trainer, group fitness instructor and a freelance fitness writer. The NikkiFitness DVDs/Videos/Apps including the new Anti-aging Walking Workout, Slimnastics Stability Ball Workout, the Seasonal Affective Disorder Workout, Hard Core Abs, Fit Travel Workout, Booty Camp, The Slimnastics Workout (Yoga+Plyometrics Fusion), Red Carpet Runway Workout, Military Wife Workout, Baby Bootie Camp, and the Beach Bride Destination Wedding Workout (Amazon/iTunes/Android). Nikki’s “Slimnastics” exercises have been featured in over 100 national media outlets including the New York Times, Live! With Kelly and Michael, Fox & Friends, GMA Health, Shape, Self, Fitness, and Women’s Health. Her “Improve the Move” workouts focus on multitasking toning and plyometric cardio intervals (HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training) to cut workout time in half and boost metabolism. Nikki is an AFAA certified NYC personal (and celebrity) trainer, Integrative Nutrition health coach, group fitness instructor at Equinox and Crunch in Manhattan, and a 200hr RYT YogaFit/Yoga Alliance trained yoga instructor. She is also the “spokestrainer” for Huggies Little Movers and SilverSports antimicrobial fitness gear. Nikki got her start in fitness as a Syracuse University Cheerleader, where she graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the prestigious Newhouse School. For her daily moves and mantras, search for “NikkiFitness” on social media, and go to www.nikkifitness.com for more information. 




Holistic Hair with Maple!

Years ago I went to a wellness event in NYC that talked about how much lipstick and other beauty products you ingest, absorb, or inhale and how toxic they can be for you. So I started  blogging about, and using all-natural makeup and lotion products for a while now, but never found one that worked well enough on my hair to actually make the switch… until now.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 5.15.16 PM

Maple Holistics sent me their tea tree shampoo, and they had me at hello… hello amazing smell! The fresh lavender scent sent me right to the spa in my mind. So I had to try it on my hair. It left my long hair full, bouncy and shiny – JUST IN TIME FOR A MOMMY FITNESS TV SEGMENT I WAS DOING. And the sweet scent followed me all day (which is good because I gave up perfume).


Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 3.32.37 PM

I read up on it on the bottle and the website:

  • 1-Maple Holistics products are backed by a 100% Quality Guarantee. Their thoroughly formulated products are inspired by nature and proven effective by satisfied customers.
  • 2- They will take care of your hair, body, and skin. These products will allow you to regenerate and moisturize areas that need it.
  • 3- The shampoo is sulfate-free, and clears away dead shin and smoothes scalp blemishes
  • 4- All are safe for color
  • 5- Cruelty-free!
  • 6- The products contain over 98 natural all-compounds to promote scalp health
  • 7- They are made in the USA


“The formulaic composition of each product stands out in uniqueness, quality, and effectiveness. Only the purest and highest quality ingredients are used in each product, maximizing the therapeutic potential for each specific area of health. Some of the products offered include therapeutic shampoos, facial masks, bath soaks and more. Our expert Research and Development team is constantly engaged in creating new products. Most importantly, customer satisfaction is our number one concern. When you’re happy, we’re happy. At Maple Holistics, we take pride in our Holistic Promise. We guarantee satisfaction and cherish every customer relationship. Your health is our number one priority.”


An 8 oz bottle will costs $8.95 online but there are many related products, formulas and scents, so have a look at our products and find out what’s best for you. They even have a 100% money back guarantee.


Now you can breathe easy knowing that you’re keeping toxins our of your scalp… and inhale the awesome smell of your locks!